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Defender (Deadlock)
Defender (Deadlock)
Race: Colonial
Type: Supply ship
FTL: Yes
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Role: Support ship
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Aircraft: Viper Mark I, Viper Mark II, Raptor, Sweeper, Assault Raptor, Shuttle, Taipan
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Game Information
Cost: 4
Construction Time: 4
Hull Size: 3
Hull: 100
FTL Cooldown: 5 turns
Speed: 120 m/s
Turn Rate: 36°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: 315
Armor Left: 60 (Armoury)
Armor Right: 60 (Tech Bay)
Armor Front: 60 (Engineering)
Armor Rear: 60 (Navigation)
Armor Top: 50 (Fire Control)
Armor Bottom: 40 (Hanger)
DRADIS Range: 3200 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots:
Munition Cooldown Period: turns
Squadron Slots: 1 Slots
Squadron Size: {{{squadron size}}}
Special Abilities: Technical Support, Flak, Reinforcements, Repair Bay
Additional Information

The Defender class is a support ship of Gemenese origin. The substructure flightpod has been repurposed by colonial engineers into a fast turnaround resupply bay for squadron groups.


The Defender class[1] support ship was introduced to the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock through the second DLC (Downloadable content) for season two titled "Ghost Fleet Offensive" This expansion adds three ships to the game some which are featured in the 2004 "reimagined" and "Blood and Chrome" television series.


Similar to the (Cylon) Gorgon, the Defender class is a support vessel, being an alternative to the Celestra. The Defender has an underslung hangar with an extremely fast repair rate, and damaged squadrons can either return to their home base or land at the Defender for faster repair.

The Defender also features a Technical Support Raptor that can stregthen allied ship's subsystems.

Defenders also sport a special contingent of Marines that can be deployed to friendly ships and have them fight off enemy boarders.

Game Abilities & Statistics[edit]


FTL Cooldown: 5 turns.

  • Speed: 120 m/s (168 m/s Boost Thruster, 98.4 m/s +/- 4 Posture)
  • Turn rate: 36 degrees per turn. (21.6 Boost Thruster, 28.8 +/-4 Posture)
  • Pitch/Yaw rate: 100% (59% Boost Thruster, 80% +/- 4 Posture)
  • Ship hull size: 3


  • Hull: 100
    • Left: 60 (Armoury)
    • Right: 60 (Tech Bay)
    • Front: 60 (Engineering)
    • Rear: 60 (Navigation)
    • Top: 50 (Fire Control)
    • Bottom: 40 (Hangar)
  • 20% Damage reduction (16% +4 Posture, 24% -4 Posture)
  • 100% Subsystem Repair (84% +4 Posture, 116% -4 Posture)

Fire Control Systems[edit]

Turret range: 90% (Defender has inherently low range weapons)

6x Point Defence mounted left.

  • Range: 4500 (3800-5200)
  • Rate of fire: High
  • Accuracy: Medium (Low - High)
  • Damage: 0.2

6x Point Defence mounted right.

  • Range: 4500 (3800-5200)
  • Rate of fire: High
  • Accuracy: Medium (Low - High)
  • Damage: 0.2

4x Medium Turret mounted on bottom.

  • Range: 4500 (3800-5200)
  • Rate of fire: Low
  • Accuracy: Low (Very Low - Medium)
  • Damage: 1


  • DRADIS range: 3200m (2640m - 3760m)
  • Firewall regen: 6.0/s (4.9/s +4 Posture, 7.1/s -4 Posture)
  • Marine Armour: 40 (32 - 48)
  • Marine Strength: 240 (196 +4 Posture, 284 -4 Posture)
  • Flak Damage: 100% (84% +4 Posture, 116% -4 Posture)


1x Squadron slot

  • +30 Evade
  • 3 Second launch delay
  • 150% Squadron repair (120% +4 Posture, 180% -4 Posture)


  • Level 1: +5% Squadron Evade, +15 Marine Strength
  • Level 2: +10% Squadron Evade, +30 Marine Strength, +5 Turret Accuracy
  • Level 3: +15% Squadron Evade, +60 Marine Strength, +10 Turret Accuracy

Special abilities[edit]

  • Technical Support - The Defender can deploy a Technical Support Raptor to a friendly ship to increase the strength of a single subsystem on the targeted friendly ship. The subsystem will gain +4 strength, which is roughly the equivalent of an extra +4 beneficial posture to that subsystem. This boost will remain so long as the Technical Support Raptor is docked, and will remain even if the Defender is destroyed. It cannot be assigned to another subsystem if the Defender is destroyed, however. The Defender has only one Technical Support Raptor, if it is destroyed at any point then the Defender will lose the ability to boost friendly subsystems for the remainder of the battle.
  • Flak - The Defender can deploy a wall of flak left or right of it's hangar pods to destroy any support craft and ordnance in it's area of effect. Flak damage vs fighters is influenced by Armoury stat which can be increased through defensive posture and decreased through offensive posture.
  • Reinforcements - The Defender can pull away a quarter of it's own marine reserves and send them via Raptor to bolster the Marine Strength of a targeted friendly ship. The quality of the marines is influenced by the Defender's current posture. A Defender has a stock of four Reinforcement Raptors, if any are lost, they cannot be replaced for the remainder of the battle.
  • Repair Bay - The Defender houses an empty second squadron slot which is explicitly for repairing and rearming the squadrons of other ships in it's fleet. When a friendly squadron uses the recall order, it will be given the option of which ship it would like to return to; either it's parent or any Defender present with an unoccupied repair bay. Defender repair speed can hit up to 180%, being the second fastest repair option in Colonial fleet. Whilst it isn't on par with the Gorgon, it's still a solid repair option. Undamaged squadrons can also recall to a Defender to rearm if they have expended munitions, such as the Raptor, Assault Raptor, and Sweeper.



  • Josiah Ward modeled the high, the low and texture of the Colonial Defender for Battlestar Galactica Deadlock at Black Lab Games In 2019.[2]
  • Black Lab Games sought out Todd Boyce (the original designer of the ship) to ask for permission to use the Defender in the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock game.
  • Original ship design by Todd Boyce

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  1. It is unclear if the name "Defender" is the name for the class of ship
  2. Josiah Ward's Artstation work of the Defender class