Athena (Deadlock)

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For the ship from the Re-imagined Series canon, see: Athena (battlestar)
Race: Colonial
Type: Jupiter-class battlestar
FTL: Yes
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Additional Information

History and specifications

Athena is the fifth of the Jupiter-class battlestars, created as part of Project Jupiter, and is assigned to Picon.

Unfortunately for the Colonial Fleet, The Cylons launched a devastating assault on Picon just days before the Battlestar Athena is set to be deployed (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock).

It's maiden voyage was also it's first engagement. The Daidalos Shipyards deployed Athena with their own Manticore corvettes, the Perses and the Lancer, against a minor Cylon fleet consisting of 2 Nemesis-class Light Tech Corvettes and a Talon-class Carrier frigate. Athena soon launched it's squadrons, consisting of Viper MK Is to return hostilities.

After the Destruction of the Cylon fleet, Athena was delivered to Picon's Ministry of Defense.