Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: The Broken Alliance

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"Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: The Broken Alliance"
a game of the the Re-imagined series
Developer Black Lab Games
Publisher Slitherine Ltd.
Platform Windows OS, PS4, Xbox One
Genre Turn-based space strategy, ship battle
Game Type Digital
Release Date: 2017-12-06
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Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: The Broken Alliance is the second expansion for the Battlestar Galactica Deadlock video game, featuring added content in terms of campaign missions, ships, weapons, and other pertinent updates. Its release is part of the "Season 1" package for the game series.

The Broken Alliance DLC (downloadable content) offers new missions that are intertwined with the main narrative of the campagin. It is highly recommended to start a new playthrough with this DLC installed to get the full experience.

Information from the Developer

Tensions are rising during the First Cylon War. Anti-Caprican sentiment threatens the Quorum alliance. Discontent and pessimism spreads throughout the colonies. While politicians and diplomats frantically negotiate to keep the alliance together, Colonial Fleet receives a strange request from Aquaria. It’s the start of a chain of events that could change the tide of the war…

New Ships

The expansion comes with four brand new capital ships and two new squadrons, bringing new functionality and tactics to the First Cylon War.

Colonial Ships

Minerva-class Battlestar (Colonial) - The precursor of the Mercury-class Battlestar, the Minerva is a new addition to Colonial Fleet that concentrates artillery, firepower and life support into a compact hull. Although it has less staying power than other battlestar classes, the Minerva’s versatile gun placements and expanded missile capabilities have provided it with a reputation as a devastating capital destroyer.

Celestra-class resupply ship (Colonial) - The Celestra class is a Colonial research ship that uses a suite of drones to apply ablative armor plating to friendly units. A resupply depot has been retrofitted into the hangar, allowing Raptor crews to make supply runs mid-mission to fleet cruisers and battlestars.

Assault Raptor (Colonial) - Assault Raptors are an aggressive variant of the trusted Colonial utility vehicle. The external rocket pods on these ships are capable of significant anti-capital support, and the crews are trained in live combat support, at the expense of their usual ECM suites.

Cylon Ships

Argos-class Basestar (Cylon) - As Colonials continue to push fighter space supremacy as a force in the war, the Cylons continue to reply with their intent to overwhelm with numbers. Larger than the Cerberus and Basestar Mk I, the Argos contains an overwhelming array of hangars and missile tubes, but hosts little in the way of self-defense.

Hydra-class resupply ship (Cylon) - The Hydra is a Cylon resupply ship equipped with repair drones that are launched and attached to friendly units. Despite having no armaments of its own, the Hydra has a complex Fire Control system that is heavily integrated with its Tech Bay. This system allows it to coordinate missile strikes with nearby friendly units, significantly increasing the efficiency of the Cylon’s deadly missile tactics.

Scorpion Sentry (Cylon) - The Scorpion is a defensive sentry drone with high caliber guns and pin-point accurate anti-missile capabilities. Although they excel at area control, they are unable to operate until they have been stabilized after moving.


The story of broken alliance advances after completing the main campaign missions that act as a prerequisite to access the next mission. The broken alliance mission markers appear as one of the twelve colonies' flag on the map of the cyrannus system, this is because the campaign revolves around inter-colony tensions with the Cylons not always being the primary opposition.

Chapter Listing

New Music

Four new beautiful tracks composed by Ash Gibson Greig in a pure Battlestar Galactica style!

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