Raptor (Deadlock)

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Raptor (Deadlock)
Raptor (Deadlock)
Race: Colonial
Type: Squadron
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Game Information
Construction Time:
Hull Size:
Hull: 24
FTL Cooldown: turns
Speed: 340 m/s
Turn Rate: °/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total:
Armor Left:
Armor Right:
Armor Front:
Armor Rear:
Armor Top:
Armor Bottom:
DRADIS Range: 4000 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots:
Munition Cooldown Period: turns
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Squadron Size: 2
Special Abilities: Squad Repair, Bolster Firewall, Board Target, Disarm, Missile Interception
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The Raptor utility craft is primarily used for personnel transport and reconnaissance operations.

It hosts a suite of electronic countermeasure devices, and can be docked to friendly units to bolster their firewalls.

Game Abilities & Statistics[edit]

General stats[edit]

  • Squadron size: 2 Craft
  • Hull points: 24 (12 Hull per craft)
  • Speed: 340 m/s
  • Damage output: 0.3
  • Weapon range: 2500m (can fire both forward and rear)
  • DRADIS range: 4000m
  • Rocket capacity: 4
  • Rocket damage: 4 (Or so it appears, after hitting a target with 20-25 damage reduction)

Special abilities[edit]

Squad repair - All squadrons can be ordered to return to their parent ship and undergo repairs during battle, this can even replace lost craft in the squadron and can be done regardless of how much damage and losses the squadron has taken so long as it is still intact. As an additional note, Raptors will be restocked with it's 4 rockets upon docking with it's parent ship. This is done immediately, and can be sent back out the following turn.

Bolster Firewall - The Raptor can be ordered to dock at a friendly target to signficantly bolster it's firewall. This will increase the capacity of the ships firewall by 40 points and it does stack, so docking 2 Raptor squads will net 80 points. It is worth noting that as of 1.0.35, Raptors now provide their bonus whilst they are docked at their parent ship, and a UI element will be displayed on the ship in the lower right corner of the screen whilst the ship is selected.

Board Target - The Raptor can be ordered to board a hostile vessel in order to allow the marines on board to wreak havoc on the enemy ship. Each Raptor has a marine strength of 50 (100 per squad) which will fight the hostiles on board the target vessel. Unlike Heavy Raiders, Raptors do not cause subsystem damage upon boarding, but instead disrupt the subsystems of the target ship so long as friendly marines are still present. Ships which have been boarded by Raptors suffer -15 accuracy, -25% repair speed and Cylon ships will have -20 processing power points. Docking with multiple Raptors will not stack debuffs, but it will increase marine presence. If the marines terminate all hostiles present on the ship, the debuff will remain on the target ship until it is destroyed. Fire Rockets - The Raptor can target a hostile capital ship and let loose 4 unguided rockets at the target. The rockets will be fired as soon as possible after giving the command, so ensure the craft are in a reasonably good position to take their shot as the rockets are slow.

Disarm - An ability introduced with the reinforcement pack, the Raptor can be given the order to disarm any hostile deployed mines nearby. The ability range to target mines is a little over DRADIS range, and the Raptor will fly to the target.

Missile Interception - Raptors can attempt to intercept incoming ordnance by giving orders to defend the target of incoming ordnance. This really is not recommended with Raptors, but you can stop some of the slower munitions such as guided missiles if you're desperate.



  • Alan Blackwell worked with Black Lab Games on the concept art for Battlestar Galactica - Deadlock. Most of the work consisted of taking flat 2D renders and turning them into fully 3D concept images[1]. His work included the Manticore corvette.

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