Berzerk (Deadlock)

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Berzerk (Deadlock)
Berzerk (Deadlock)
Race: Colonies
Type: Light Assault Carrier
FTL: Yes
Crew: 800 personnel, plus 150 Colonial Marines[1]
Capacity: 950 persons[1]
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Assault Carrier, Support Vessel[1]
Weapons: 10 Medium Turrets
Armaments: Heavy Gun Emplacements[1]
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Aircraft: Viper Mark I, Viper Mark II, Raptor, Sweeper, Assault Raptor, Shuttle, Taipan
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Length: 842 meters[1]
Width: 215 meters[1]
Height: 148 meters[1]
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Game Information
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Hull Size: 3
Hull: 70
FTL Cooldown: 4 turns
Speed: 145 m/s
Turn Rate: 60°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: 195
Armor Left: 30 (Armory)
Armor Right: 30 (Armory)
Armor Front: 40 (Engineering)
Armor Rear: 35 (Navigation)
Armor Top: 30 (Fire Control)
Armor Bottom: 30 (Hangar)
DRADIS Range: 5000 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots: None
Munition Cooldown Period: turns
Squadron Slots: 1 Slot
Squadron Size: {{{squadron size}}}
Special Abilities:
Additional Information

The Berzerk-class assault carrier is a Colonial Fleet battleship in operation during the First Cylon War. Considered a "pocket-size" ship, Berzerk-class carrier features additional firepower and squadron support.

Its primary mission profile is for deployment within a Battlestar group or other strike force, as this carrier is not designed for standalone prolonged engagements (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock: Reinforcement Pack). Therefore, it has found use as a "rapid reaction" vessel on the front lines.[2]

Despite its unbalanced nature, Berzerk-class ships remained in service long after the end of the First Cylon War, up until the Fall of the Twelve Colonies.


Berzerk-class carriers feature advanced DRADIS, communication, and firewall systems. In addition to being FTL capable, this ship class utilizes the mainstay magnetic launch tubes, strike craft maintenance facilities, and landing zones for larger utility vehicles and transports.[1]

Its weapons are arranged for broadside attacks, with turret batteries amidship both port and starboard of the flight deck.


Berzerk-class carriers feature many of the design hallmarks of the battlestar, including the "alligator" head bow and large sublight engine block stern. Differentiating it from a battlestar, the mid-section is narrow and lightly armored, thus making these weak points resulting in a glass cannon—a ship with great offensive potential, but poor defensive weaknesses. Ergo it's inability to defend itself without being part of a Battlestar group or other strike force that compensates for that deficiency.[2]

Its landing bays are considered its greatest feature, not only for their size but their placement on the ventral hull, which are underslung lengthways. As with most battlestars, the landing bay is open to space at both its bow and stern. It is capable of carrying civilian transports and utility vessels, and features robust maintenance facilities making them great support ships for strike wings.[2]


Berzerks are never deployed in command roles, given their weaknesses as lead capital ships, and inability to properly defend itself. Thus they are relegated to support roles, in addition to rapid deployment and support platforms for strike wings.

Its tactical abilities lay in its powerful DRADIS system, which forces hostile vessels to circumnavigate Colonial groups to avoid detection.[2]


According to the Spacedock promotional video, the following quote is attributed to Marissa Yazov, Colonial Fleet Air Group Engineer:

It's not going to win any battles by itself, but the hangar design is one of the best in the fleet. No surprise it's a favourite (sic) of most CAGs.
  • The Spacedock promotional video uses the erroneous spelling of "Berserk." For clarity purposes, and as per the game, the article is named "Berzerk."

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Spacedock breakdown video for this ship. Authorized by Slitherine Ltd. and Black Lab Games.

Game Abilities & Statistics


  • FTL Cooldown: 4 turns.
  • Speed: 145 m/s (203 m/s Boost Thruster, 118.9 m/s +/- 4 Posture)
  • Turn rate: 60 degrees per turn. (36 Boost Thruster, 48 +/-4 Posture)
  • Pitch/Yaw rate: 100% (59% Boost Thruster, 80% +/- 4 Posture)
  • Ship hull size: 3


  • Hull: 70
    • Left: 30 (Armoury)
    • Right: 30 (Tech Bay)
    • Front: 40 (Engineering)
    • Rear: 35 (Navigation)
    • Top: 30 (Fire Control)
    • Bottom: 30 (Hangar)
  • 20% Damage reduction (16% +4 Posture, 24% -4 Posture)
  • 100% Subsystem Repair (84% +4 Posture, 116% -4 Posture)

Fire Control Systems

Special note: The Berzerk has 105% Accuracy at 0 posture, and is reflected in the numbers below.

5x Medium Turret mounted left.

  • Range: 5500 (4800-6200)
  • Rate of fire: Low
  • Accuracy: Low (Very Low - Medium)
  • Damage: 1

5x Medium Turret mounted right.

  • Range: 5500 (4800-6200)
  • Rate of fire: Low
  • Accuracy: Low (Very Low - Medium)
  • Damage: 1


  • DRADIS range: 5000m (4100m - 5900m)
  • Firewall regen: 6.0/s (4.1/s +4 Posture, 7.1/s -4 Posture)
  • Marine Armour: 40 (32 - 48)
  • Marine Strength: 150 (123 +4 Posture, 177 -4 Posture)


1x Squadron slot

  • +50 Evade
  • 3 Second launch delay
  • 100% Squadron repair (80% +4 Posture, 120% -4 Posture)


  • Level 1: +5 Squadron Evasion
  • Level 2: +10 Squadron Evasion, +5% Turret Accuracy
  • Level 3: +15 Squadron Evasion, +10% Turret Accuracy

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