Archeron (Deadlock)

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Archeron is a Jupiter II-class battlestar with the Colonial Fleet during the First Cylon War. She represented Scorpia.

Service History

During the First War, Archeron was active and involved with Operation Clean Sweep. The battle did not progress well, with Archeron losing several support ships. With the battle ongoing, Colonial Admiralty had called Galactica and BSG-75 in for backup. They attempted communication with Archeron, but they received no response. Galactica dispatched a raptor to make contact, however, shortly after their arrival, Archeron suddenly jumped away to Sector 12 to join the Ghost Fleet, much to the surprise of the crew on Galactica. (Battlestar Galactica Deadlock)

Shortly after Operation Clean Sweep wrapped up and her arrival in Sector 12, Archeron was ambushed by Cylon forces and destroyed with all hands. The wreckage was found by Ensign William Adama and Junior Lieutenant Coker Fasjovik en route to the ice planet Djerba. (TRS: "Blood and Chrome")