Modern Basestar (Deadlock)

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Modern Basestar (Deadlock)
Modern Basestar (Deadlock)
Race: Cylon
Type: Command Ship
FTL: Yes
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Role: Command Ship, Force Projection Vessel, Strike Carrier
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
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Game Information
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Hull Size: 4
Hull: 280
FTL Cooldown: turns
Speed: 75 m/s
Turn Rate: 60°/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: 360
Armor Left: 40 (Armory)
Armor Right: 40 (Tech Bay)
Armor Front: 40 (Engineering)
Armor Rear: 40 (Hanger)
Armor Top: 100 (Fire Control)
Armor Bottom: 100 (Navigation)
DRADIS Range: 7000 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots: 2 Slots
Munition Cooldown Period: 1 turns
Squadron Slots: 4
Squadron Size: {{{squadron size}}}
Special Abilities: Hack, Tactical Jump, Rapid Munitions,
Additional Information

By the fall of the Twelve Colonies, the Cylons had streamlined their military doctrine to produce a singular command ship designed for one purpose: exploiting the Command Navigation Program backdoor, and enacting the genocide of the human race.

Unlike their predecessors, these basestars rely solely on missile and fighter deployments for protection. Additionally, these modern basestars utilise an organic hull resin, which all structural damage to be repaired quickly.


The Modern Basestar was introduced to the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock through the final DLC (Downloadable content) titled "Modern Ship Pack." This expansion adds six ships to the game that are featured heavily in the 2004 "reimagined" television series. As such, the Modern Basestar is only accessible through skirmish, multiplayer and Operation Anabasis. The Modern Basestar is not accessible in the campaign mode.


  • The in-game model appears with blue stipes on both the top and underside of the vessel. These stripes represent the Cylon Empire[1], which did not appear on the on-screen counterpart.
  • The Modern Basestar is the only ship capable of housing the Modern Raider, which is a strong improvement over conventional Raider Mk I's.

Game Abilities & Statistics[edit]


FTL Cooldown: N/A

  • Speed: 75 m/s (System Process 31% - 145%)
  • Turn rate: 60 degrees per turn
  • Pitch/Yaw rate: (System Process 20% - 140%)
  • Ship hull size: 4


  • Hull: 280
    • Left: 40 (Armoury)
    • Right: 40 (Tech Bay)
    • Front: 40 (Engineering)
    • Rear: 40 (Hangar)
    • Top: 100 (Fire Control)
    • Bottom: 100 (Navigation)
  • 20% Damage reduction (System Process 0% - 30%)
  • 24 Hull Regen per turn (System Process 4.8 hull per turn - 33.6 hull per turn)
  • 100% Subsystem Repair (System Process 0% - 150%)

Fire Control Systems[edit]

2x Munition slot, 1 turn cooldown. Munition salvo size: 100% (System Process 20% - 140%)


  • Processing Power: 120
  • DRADIS Range: 7000m (System Process 700m - 10150m)
  • Firewall Regen: 6.0/s (System Process 0.6/s - 8.7/s)
  • Hacking Strength: 90% (System Process 0% - 135%)
  • Jump Range: 6000m (System Process 600m - 8700m)
  • Centurion Armour: 40 (System Process 0 - 60)
  • Centurion Strength: 200 (System Process 100 - 250)


4x Squadron slots

  • +10 Evade (System Process 0 - 15)
  • 3 Second launch delay (System Process 5s - 3s)
  • 100% Squadron repair (System Process 0% - 150%)

Special abilities[edit]

Hack - The Modern Basestar can hack targets in range, which will do direct subsystem damage after breaking through the target's firewall.

Tactical Jump - The Modern Basestar can make a tactical jump during combat allowing it to quickly FTL jump to any location within a moderate range, where it will take a standard move from that position. Tactical Jump takes a quarter of the turn to engage, and has a 4 turn cooldown.

MP/Skrimish Note: When playing the "Propaganda" game mode, Cylon FTL-capable ships begin the match with their FTL drives on standard cooldown as if they had immediately used their jump drives at the start of the game, to prevent jumping turn 1 and capturing points. Rapid Munitions - The Modern Basestar has a 1 turn reload time; this means it can fire it's munitions every turn, allowing for overwhelming quantities of munitions to be deployed against it's opponent in very short order. Whilst this is a powerful ability it should be used with discretion, the Modern Basestar does not have limitless munitions and has no guns to defend itself with once it goes dry. Once empty, the Modern Basestar relies on it's hacking ability and it's own hull to use as weapons.


  1. The term "Cylon Empire" existed only in the Original Series. This design choice is one of many homages in BSG: Deadlock to the prior series.

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