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Race: Cylon
Type: Tactical Support Vessel
FTL: Yes
Crew: Unknown Number of Centurions
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XO: {{{xo}}}
Weapons: N/A
Defenses: {{{def}}}
Aviation facilities: {{{facilities}}}
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Emblem: [[Image:{{{patch}}}|175px|Ship's patch]]
Other Images: Gallery
Length: 713 Meters
Width: 184 Meters
Height: 238 Meters
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Wingspan: {{{wingspan}}}
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Game Information
Cost: {{{construction}}}
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Hull Size: 2
Hull: 60
FTL Cooldown: 3 turns turns
Speed: 132 m/s
Turn Rate: °/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total: 180
Armor Left: 35 (Fire Control)
Armor Right: 35 (Fire Control)
Armor Front: 20 (Navigation)
Armor Rear: 20 (Armory)
Armor Top: 35 (Engineering)
Armor Bottom: 35 (Tech Bay)
DRADIS Range: 4000 m
Processing Power: 50
Munition Slots: 1 Slot
Munition Cooldown Period: turns
Squadron Slots: N/A
Squadron Size: {{{squadron size}}}
Special Abilities: Repair Hull, Coordinated Reload
Additional Information


A mobile repair and comms center.

The Hydra support ship has a complex integrated fire control system, whose processing power is outsourced to coordinate fleet-wide missile strikes.


The Hydra was introduced to the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock through the Second DLC (Downloadable content) of the first season titled "Broken Alliance". This expansion adds six ships to the game that are availible through campaign, multiplayer, skirmish, and Operation Anabasis.


According to the Spacedock promotional video, the following quote is attributed to Helena Agathon, Daidalos SIGNIT officer:

We've seen Hydra's coordinate entire fleets in a matter of seconds, something we can never do.

Related Media[edit]

Spacedock breakdown video for this ship. Authorized by Slitherine Ltd. and Black Lab Games.

Game Abilities & Statistics[edit]


FTL Cooldown: 3 turns.

  • Speed: 132 m/s (System Process 10% - 145%)
  • Turn Rate: 48 degrees per turn
  • Pitch rate: (System Process 20% - 146%)
  • Ship hull size: 2


  • Hull: 60
    • Left: 35 (Fire Control)
    • Right: 35 (Fire Control)
    • Front: 20 (Navigation)
    • Rear: 20 (Armoury)
    • Top: 35 (Engineering)
    • Bottom: 35 (Tech Bay)

15% Damage reduction (System Process 0% - 27%) 84% Subsystem Repair (System Process 20% - 140%)


  • Processing Power: 60
  • DRADIS Range: 3900m (System Process 0m - 9750m)
  • Firewall Regen: 3.8/s (System Process 0.6/s - 8.7/s)
  • Hacking Strength: 78% (System Process 0% - 150%) Note: This is likely tied to Coordinated reload range
  • Centurion Armour: 30 (System Process 0 - 60)
  • Centurion Strength: 88 (System Process 50 - 125)

Special abilities[edit]

Repair Hull - The Hydra carries 40 drones which can be ordered to repair the hull of a friendly capital ship which has taken damage. When the order is given, 5 drones will be sent to the target. Upon reaching the target, the drones will immediately begin restoring lost hull points up to the target's original maximum hull strength. Hull repair drones are single-use each time and do not return to the Hydra to resupply. The ability can be used 8 times and each time will repair 80 hull over 2 turns (Each individual drone applies 16 hull over 22 seconds).

Coordinated Reload - The Hydra can use the coordinated reload ability to immediately reduce the cooldown of any Cylon ships in range. Giving the order will have the Hydra reduce the current reload cycle of all ships within range by 2 turns. The ability works on ships that are firing on the same turn that the Hydra gives the command, as munitions fired begin their reload cycle the same turn they fire. Coordinated reload range is tied to the Tech Bay, and it's area of effect is 6500m. The effects of coordinated reload stack, so for example, a pair of Hydra can activate coordinated reload the same turn an Argos fires all 3 munition salvoes. This results in the Argos having immediate access to it's munitions the following turn. No munitions are restocked by coordinated reload, on the contrary, a Cylon fleet can burn through it's munition stocks incredibly quickly with a Hydra present.

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