Scorpion (Deadlock)

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Scorpion (Deadlock)
Scorpion (Deadlock)
Race: Cylon
Type: Fighter
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Game Information
Construction Time:
Hull Size:
FTL Cooldown: turns
Speed: 380 m/s
Turn Rate: °/turn
Armor Sum
Armor Total:
Armor Left:
Armor Right:
Armor Front:
Armor Rear:
Armor Top:
Armor Bottom:
DRADIS Range: 4000 m
Processing Power:
Munition Slots:
Munition Cooldown Period: turns
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Squadron Size: 1
Special Abilities: Squad Repair, Guided Missile, Target Priority
Additional Information


A defensive sentry drone with high calibre guns and anti-missile capability.

Scorpion sentries excel at area control, but are unable to operate while moving.


The Scorpion was introduced to the game Battlestar Galactica Deadlock through the Second DLC (Downloadable content) of the first season titled "Broken Alliance". This expansion adds six ships to the game that are availible through campaign, multiplayer, skirmish, and Operation Anabasis.

Game Abilities & Statistics

General stats

  • Squadron size: 1 Craft
  • Hull points: 36
  • Speed: 380 m/s
  • Damage output: 3
  • Weapon range: 5000m
  • DRADIS range: 4000m

Special abilities

Squad repair - All squadrons can be ordered to return to their parent ship and undergo repairs during battle, this can even replace lost craft in the squadron and can be done regardless of how much damage and losses the squadron has taken so long as it is still intact. As an additional note, the Scorpion will resupply it's stock of guided missiles upon returning to it's parent ship and can be immediately redeployed the following turn.

Guided Missile - The Scorpion comes equipped with a stack of 12 guided missiles, fired in 4 missile salvoes. Scorpion guided missiles deal 2 damage per missile and may only be fired once the Scorpion is deployed. Otherwise, the guided missiles follow the standard rules of the larger ship-based guided missiles, such as requiring a DRADIS lock to fire.

Target Priority - Scorpions cannot manually select targets until they have deployed, however, they can be given a target priority in the same way capital ship guns can be prioritised for captials, squadrons or closest targets. The Scorpion can choose to prioritise either munitions or capital ships in the absence of a selected target.

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