Rising Star (TOS alternate)

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Rising Star
Rising Star
Race: Colonial
Type: Civilian
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Role: Passenger liner
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Additional Information
Rising Star in the primary continuity

Rising Star is a civilian pleasure liner of the Twelve Colonies of Man. In the aftermath of the Battle of Cimtar, the ship holds refugees fleeing the Cylon tyranny in the rag-tag fugitive fleet.

Marvel Comics

Rising Star is a pleasure liner under Sire Uri's command and ownership. During the exodus, he has food freighted to Rising Star from his private estate for him and guests, primarily women and people of influence. During the flight from the Colonies, he has various persons transported to other lesser ships in the fleet, such as the freighter Gemini. Upon discovering this, Captain Apollo has the food seized and distributed to the less fortunate, particularly in the face of reduced food stores due to pluton poisoning.

Serina and Boxey have billets aboard Rising Star, and Dr. Wilker has a maintenance lab aboard where he develops the first robotic daggit, Muffey II (Exodus!).

Dynamite Entertainment comics

Parrin's Harvester attached to Rising Star (Battlestar Galactica Classic #4).

After entering the Empyrean Expanse sometime circa 7358, Rising Star is hijacked by the Okaati with the entirety of the Fleet's civilian ships. Among those aboard are Colonel Tigh, Lieutenant Starbuck, and Cassiopeia and the Okaati Grust, who has a change of heart and aids the Colonials in fighting back against their hijackers. As with the other ships, Rising Star is brought to land inside a large crater on Gehenna Prime to await redemption by the Cylons, who are subsequently thwarted (Battlestar Galactica Classic #3#5).