Baltar (1980 alternate)

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Introduced Galactica 1980 #2
Death 1980 C.E., killed in nuclear suicide assault on Baltar's baseship (Galactica 1980 4)
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Baltar, traitor to the human race, remains alive some 30 yahrens later, having left the hands of the Colonials[1] and plots to discontinue further attacks against the Fleet. Instead of attacking the Fleet, Baltar and Lucifer execute a plan that allows the Fleet to continue on their journey to Earth, with the intent of finding the lost Thirteenth Tribe through the Colonials. This plan succeeds and the Cylons successfully locate Earth (Galactica 1980 2).

Sometime during the 30 yahren following the Battle at Galaxy's Edge, Baltar is fitted with metal facial components and bides his time by playing piano pieces from "an extinct culture," such as Larson's Apogee in C-Minor (Galactica 1980 2).

He is later killed by Troykus Adama, during Adama's successful attack upon Baltar's basestar, Omega-Monthu (Galactica 1980 4).


  1. The assumption is that Commander Adama was true to his world and let Baltar go free in exchange for his help with the Battle at Galaxy's Edge.