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Issue 1
Issue 1
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) Rick Remender
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Penciller(s) Carlos Rafael
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Cover Artist(s) Talent Caldwell (with Matt Banning and Dean White)
Dave Dorman
Adaptation of
Published August 2006
Collects Caldwell Negative Art Cover
Dorman Virgin Cover
Collected in Classic Battlestar Galactica
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Population 0 Survivors
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Shortly after the Battle of Cimtar, Galactica launches a risky offensive to retrieve ancient tomes that could begin an earnest search for Earth.


  • Commander Adama and Colonel Tigh send Apollo, Starbuck and Boomer to a Colonial satellite planet, Maytoria, occupied primarily by Sagittarians to retrieve several ancient books located there. Adama believes the books could hold information on the fabled thirteenth colony, Earth.
  • However, the Cylons occupy the planet, and are guarded by three basestars.
  • To even the odds, the Vipers are equipped with experimental stealth equipment to avoid detection.
  • Serina, Boxey and Muffit see off Apollo.
  • The Colonial Warriors manage to avoid detection by the basestars until Boomer collides with a Cylon Raider.
  • Boomer's Viper crashes, but Apollo and Starbuck continue their mission. The Cylons manage to lock onto Starbuck's thermal signature and shoot him down as well. Apollo is forced to withdraw and return to Galactica.
  • Starbuck witnesses Centurions carrying Boomer's body, and assumes he is dead. After managing a painful wound, he passes out for a time, only to find himself too close to other Centurions, which he dispatches.
  • Athena is upset at the news of Starbuck's apparent demise. Apollo begs his father to stay in the area, but the commander believes the threat is too great.
  • On the planet, Starbuck dons a portion of the Cylon armor as a makeshift attempt at camouflage, and hikes toward the city and two basestars, looking for any downed Vipers to salvage a communicator.
  • He finds a Viper with its dead Warrior still in the cockpit, but its comm system is down. He finds a portable communicator but it is damaged when another Cylon squad finds him.
  • Starbuck is shot directly in the chest, but the Cylon armor saves him. Weaponless, he runs.
  • Managing to get a weapon, but outnumbered, the situation is bleak until a massive explosion destroys the bulk of the Centurions.
  • A tall beautiful brunette says "You look like a man in a spot of trouble" as other humans destroy the few remaining Cylons.


Publication Releases

  • From Dynamite Entertainment's product listing:
Dynamite Entertainment launches their ongoing CLASSIC BATTLESTAR GALACTICA series from writer Rick Remender, artist Carlos Rafael along with series cover artist Dave Dorman - a fully painted piece from Dorman - and issue #1 special guest alternate cover artist Talent Caldwell (joined by inker extraordinaire Batt and colorist Dean ("Punisher") White)! Thought dead, left behind by Galactica and stranded on a planet over run by Cylons, Starbuck and Boomer must make a harrowing journey into the heart of a Cylon strong hold in hopes of stealing a ship large enough to carry themselves and the planets remaining human population and return to Galactica... if they can find it. Classic Battlestar Galactica #1 will be heavily promoted in Dynamite Entertainment House Ads, through prominent online sit's such as, and others, as well as interviews and ads in consumer publications such as Comic Shop News (and a feature cover story)!


  • The dialogue mainly uses "Earth" terms to describe facets of the Colonial realm: "hornet's nest," "weeks," "centuries," "wood," and so on.
  • As with future Dynamite Entertainment comic book installments, the Vipers are depicted with red stripes instead of the orange stripes, a common juxtaposition derived from the Re-imagined Series' Mark II Viper coloration.
  • When Starbuck is hunted down by the Cylons, he notes that he is weaponless; yet, in the next panel, he is seen firing a laser pistol before being saved by Stadra Ah Mun.




  • A common conceit from the Original Series continues here: Centurions talk between themselves, even when such discourse should be unnecessary between mechanised entities.
  • The jagged Cylon rifle bayonets come into use in this issue for close-quarters combat, a first in the history of the franchise.

Visual Cues

  • Based on Serina's wearing her familiar robes from after the Battle of Cimtar, this adventure occurs before the Fleet's encounter of Kobol in "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I".
  • Assuming that the helmet crest found on the dead pilot's helmet is battlestar-specific, this would mean that the pilot Starbuck comes across on Maytoria is from Galactica. Otherwise, it is entirely possible that crests may not all be battlestar-specific, despite the presence of a winged horse crest on Pegasus' helmets.


Notable Dialogue

  • Col. Tigh and Lt. Starbuck get into a tit-for-tat during the Maytoria mission briefing:
    Tigh: I shouldn't need to remind you how time sensitive this mission is. By lingerling here we risk all.
    Starbuck: Any chance you could put a little more pressure on us?
    Tigh: If you fail, you damn us all to centuries of aimless searching the stars—pressure enough?!?
    Starbuck: Nothing to worry about Colonel, you've got the best three pilots in the fleet. I'll go down to this library, check out your books and pay any late fees before dinner time.
  • Boomer, Apollo, and Starbuck discuss the untested stealth drive's efficacy:
    Boomer: But do we know if they work?
    Apollo: My father wouldn't send us into this hornet's nest unless he trusted that the equipment was sound.
    Starbuck: Or maybe he's just doing what it takes to keep me away from your sister, Apollo.
    Apollo: That's a cause worth dying for if I ever heard one, good buddy.

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