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Battlestar Galactica Classic #1
Battlestar Galactica Classic #1
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) John Jackson Miller
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Penciller(s) Daniel HDR
Colorist(s) Natalia Marques
Letterer(s) Taylor Esposito
Editor(s) Anthony Marques
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Cover Artist(s) Kelley Jones (Covers A & H)
Marco Rudy (Covers B & I)
Sean Chen (Covers C & G)
Daniel HDR (Cover D)
Remastered Walt SImonson Cover (Covers E & F)
Diego Galindo (Covers J & K)
Adaptation of
Published 3 November 2018
Collected in Battlestar Galactica Classic: Counterstrike
Reprinted as
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ISBN 725130273451
Population 0 Survivors
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The remains of humanity have been fleeing the Cylon menace - until now! Joined by another, second fleet of fugitives, Commander Adama sees the opportunity to strike back. Can he continue chasing an Earth that may be a myth, when the chance for victory is real? Plus: the treacherous Count Baltar returns in this miniseries timed for Battlestar Galactica's 40th anniversary year, written by New York Times bestselling author and comics writer JOHN JACKSON MILLER (Star Wars, Star Trek, Halo) and drawn by DANIEL HDR (Red Sonja)![1]


  • Commander Adama records his log, reflecting on his pathos as the leader of the Fleet, and his previous transgressions he made against the Kiernu due to the Fleet's dwindling tylium supply. He fears that this action leads to dire consequences for the transgressed.
  • The Cylons, lead by Lucifer, take no prisoners in their "education" of the Kiernu. The Kiernu Chancellor pleads, in person, to Lucifer to stop the slaughter. Lucifer notes that Adama's transgression is out of character, comparing his deceit to Baltar's affinity for deception, and reaffirms his belief that humans are not to be trusted.
  • Lucifer elects to exterminate the species as an example to others, as they serve no other use to the Cylon Empire.
  • In core command, Adama asks Athena about Blue Squadron. The nebula's nature makes communications difficult, adding that she has not heard from Silver Spar Squadron.
  • Rigel reports a large force of over 100 vessels approaches, and Adama orders the ship to alert.
  • Apollo, leading the inbound fleet, communicates to Galactica to stand down. Parrin also adds her voice to the proceedings, asking for permission to meet Adama to give thanks, much to Adama's new ledger of legitimate grievances resulting from Apollo's decision.
  • Docked atop Galactica's starboard flight pod, Parrin and Grust present themselves to Adama in the conference room. Apollo summarizes the current situation, with Parrin comparing the Comitat to the Cylons.
  • Parrin asks to show Adama what they're facing, and Adama agrees to arrange for a shuttle. He asks for the Okaati to remain in the conference area, while directing Apollo to see him in the corridor.
  • Starbuck attempts jocularity with Grust, asking him what a big guy like him eats: Grust succinctly replies, "Pilots." Starbuck feigns hearing a call from Apollo, joining him and Adama in the adjoining corridor.
  • Adama voices his displeasure at having the Fleet's location known by outsiders. Apollo protests that he did not invite them, but they were followed. Adama orders Apollo to be debriefed by Tigh, as well as orders a threat assessment of the Okaati ships. Starbuck is ordered to join Adama on the shuttle for his insights.
  • While aboard GAL 560, Parrin shares her plight with Adama and shows off the Harvesters and their astounding abilities in converting raw materials and building ships while in transit. Parrin offers that they run from slavers known as the Comitat, as well as their tactics of disabling ships and people, claiming that they only wish to pursue their "mad dreams of conquest."
  • Adama shares that the Fleet consists of slow ships only capable of sublight, with makeshift factories spread across the Fleet.
  • Interfering with the discussion are a trio of Comitat frigates, lead by Thane Korbok, who declare the humans are abetting criminals and orders the Okaati to be surrendered. He warns that anyone aiding them will suffer.
  • Parrin orders her Fleet to evade and ready themselves to flee. Adama learns that the Okaati are not warriors, and so they do not have fighter squadrons of their own, relying instead on their adroitness.
  • The Comitat deploys Bladeships, who begin their disabling of Okaati crafts and persons.
  • Tigh reports that the only crafts that Galactica can scan are the Bladeships, confirming that they are indeed drones. Adama orders Vipers to launch, but are interdicted by swarms of Bladeships blocking the launch tubes.
  • Silver Spar Squadron returns in time to clear the bladeships away from Galactica, allowing Vipers to deploy and turn the tide, thus ending the battle. Korbok's parting words warn that they have chosen wrongly.
  • After the battle, Parrin posits the idea of conjoining their fleets and travelling together. Adama initially declines, fearing that they have enough issues with just one enemy. Starbuck argues that the Okaati engines are superior and that they could use their expertise.
  • Parrin has returned to tend to her wounded, while Adama is briefed by Sheba on the Kiernu's fate at Cylon hands. She also reports that they intercepted communications suggesting that the genocide was punishment for not stopping the Fleet, confirming Adama's fears.
  • Apollo attempts to assuage his father's guilt, with Adama commenting on how things have changed given how the Thousand-Yahren War began as a result of aiding the Hasari, and their experiences with the Ovions. He vows his refusal to be forever friendless during their quest, and changes his mind regarding unification of resources with the Okaati.
  • Aboard their ship, Korbok makes his report as he directs their forces to the Node, noting that they have a full survey of the ships within the Fleet, allowing them to prepare for another strike. Korbok receives a call from the Node about a ship that made contact with them―it is Baltar with a proposal.





  • Commander Cain is misspelled as "Kane."


  • Marco Rudy's cover was painted with gouache on 11 x 17 inch heavy water color paper.[2]



Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Lucifer leads the "education" of the Kiernu.
    Lucifer: There are two kinds of life forms, Chancellor. Those who help the Cylon Empire―and those we intend to eradicate. You allowed the Galactica and the human fleet to cross your territory. That makes you part of the second group. Chancellor: That's not right! We told Adama not to cross our space. He promised he wouldn't―and then did it anyway!
    Lucifer: Quite unlike the commander. But as I have observed in Count Baltar, who is recently returned to our service―humans are not to be trusted. You should have defended your borders, showed them, until we could arrive.
    Chancellor: But their weapons are superior! We could never have stopped them.
    Lucifer: Then you are of no use as an obstacle. But you will be―as an example. Continue the education centurions.
  • Starbuck attempts to befriend Grust.
    Starbuck: Food's on the way, Grust. It's not bad here, but we've really got to get you aboard the Rising Star. Er―what does a big guy like you eat, anyway?
    Grust: Pilots.
  • Sheba returns in time to turn the tide.
    Sheba: Looks like we've come back to a party, Galactica―let me guess. Did Starbuck annoy another alien race?
    Starbuck: Very funny. No time to explain, Sheba. Target those drones, and make like your dad, Commander Kane [sic]―shoot first, and ask questions later!

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