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Battlestar Galactica: Death of Apollo #4
Battlestar Galactica: Death of Apollo #4
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Dan Abnett
Illustrator(s) {{{illustrator}}}
Penciller(s) Dietrich Smith
Colorist(s) Fran Gamboa
Letterer(s) Simon Bowland
Collection Design {{{designer}}}
Cover Artist(s) Mike Mayhew (Cover A)
Dietrich Smith (Cover B)
Livio Ramondelli (Cover C)
Ardian Syaf (Cover D)
Adaptation of
Published March 2015
Collected in Battlestar Galactica: Death of Apollo
Reprinted as
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ISBN 725130224408
Population 0 Survivors
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In the wake of Apollo's tragic fate, Starbuck secretly recruits Boomer, Athena and a few chosen others for a desperate and unsanctioned mission, but his reckless determination may be leaving the fleet vulnerable to Cylon attack. And the gathering Cylon threat is stronger and more insidious than ever before. Starbuck won't let anything stop him... not Adama, not the Cylons and not even common sense. Shocking drama and continuity-shaking military SF action from the acclaimed writer of Guardians of the Galaxy.[1]


  • Continuing their rescue mission, Captain Starbuck instructs Sephoni and Athena to strike at the mass of Centurions hard as they start a firefight throughout the central hangar bay of the super basestar.
  • After brief reparatee between Athena and the "incorrigible rogue" Starbuck, the infiltration group makes their way through the deck hoists. Hiding behind a console, the team recharges their slaser pistols and Sephoni obtains a clean read two decks down.
  • Taking a maintenance ladder, Athena muses about the fate of the fighter screen.
  • During the distracting dogfight around the basestar, Boomer saves Greenbean from an unshakable, pursuing Raider. The team regroups in a quad formation and then performs a multi-split in order to re-enage the fighter force.
  • While Breena engages her cannons at full rate, Greenbean informs Sheba that two Raiders are at her back as she pursues a Raider in front of her. After dispatching it, she hits her braking jets and dispatches the other two.
  • The celebration is short lived, as more Raiders from the super basestar approach the quartet.
  • Skulking around the aforesaid basestar, Sephoni asks if there's a plan to escape, and Starbuck asks Athena to fill Sephoni in on the plan. After receiving Athena's permission to read her mind, Sephoni learns that it hinges on her ability to divine the codes.
  • Should that fail, Starbuck offers that the only alternative would be "cowboy time," as they approach the door between themselves and Apollo.
  • They find Apollo tied into a medical apparatus, with serious head trauma. Apollo appears somewhat cognizant and, during his discussion with Starbuck, Starbuck reminds him of their conversation where Starbuck intends to live forever and needs Apollo's company.
  • Sephoni confirms Athena's assessment of the Cylons' unified operating system, allowing them access to the main data-core and fooling the basestar's sentience into believing that a critical failure of the main reactor is in process along with any backups that would handle the failure. After Sephoni divines the proper codes, which Starbuck enters into a terminal, they abscond with Apollo with the hope that Boomer and the rest are still alive.
  • The attacking Raiders return to their ship, abandoning the battle outside as Starbuck pilots the rescue team's stolen Cylon transport away. Starbuck orders Boomer to "turn and turbo."
  • Returning to Galactica, the participants of the unsanctioned rescue mission face the wrath of Commander Adama. Adama pits the blame solely on Starbuck for gross insubordination and directly breaching orders, despite Athena's rebuked defense.
  • The discussion ends on a happier note after Starbuck confirms that Adama's son, Apollo, indeed lives; Adama offers his gratitude, vowing to never forget what Starbuck has done for him.
  • Adama, Athena and Starbuck head to the life sciences bay, where Doctors Salik and Madusa observe a bed-ridden Apollo speaking to his adopted son Boxey and Muffit II.
  • Before Adama can speak to his son, Madusa and Sailk outline Apollo's situation, noting that while everything else will heal, the micro-fissure within Apollo's brain cannot be repaired. As a result, Apollo is at a consistent risk of a stroke-event or brain hemorrhage. While hopeful that care and regular examination will manage the injury's risk, Apollo can no longer tolerate any further physical stress.
  • Salik declares his medical determination that Apollo's career is over, much to the dismay of all present.



  • An additional exclusive subscription variant cover (Cover D) featuring the work of Ardian Syaf was made available to "comic shop subscribers and limited to initial orders."


  • Mike Mayhew's original artwork for "Cover A" was done in watercolor on 11" x 17" Fabriano Artistico 140lb. hot press watercolor paper, painted with a combination of both hand-brush and airbrushing techniques. As of 7 November 2021, Mayhew's sale price for the unique piece is $2,000.00 USD.[2]
  • A preliminary painted version of "Cover A" was done in watercolor on 8.5" x 11". It was listed for sale on 5 January 2015.[3]



  • Starbuck often uses the term "cowboy," but the Colonial equivalent should be "oviner" or similar given the pertinacity of the series to rename creatures for an "otherworldly" appearance.
  • The term "hanger" is used inappropriately to refer to the Cylon super basestar's hangar.
  • Starbuck's only has one laser pistol at the end of the previous issue, where the group finds themselves surrounded by Centurions after disembarking from their craft. The issue continues from that scene, where Starbuck interestingly now dual-wields laser pistols.
  • Madusa uses the term "years" instead of "yahren" when discussing Apollo's condition with Starbuck.


  • Despite the overwhelming odds, the quartet of Vipers are able to distract the Cylons for a long time without incurring either major damage or substantial losses.
  • Sephoni's ability to handle herself in a situation is indicative of training, even for aristocrats of her level.


Unanswered Questions

  • Why did the Cylons recover Apollo and keep him alive?
  • Why was Apollo left unguarded?
  • Where is Sephoni's entourage during these happenings?
Answered Questions
  • Will the rescue mission result in the Cylons finding the Fleet? (Answer)
  • How will Apollo handle his forced change in careers? (Answer)

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Sephoni broaches discussion about their exit strategy from the super basestar.
    Sephoni: I presume there is a plan for getting us back out of here?
    Starbuck: Frack! I wish I'd thought of that! Oh well, I'll just improv something when the time comes. What? You think I'm that much of a cowboy? Of course there's a plan. Athena, tell her the plan.
  • Adama addresses the participants who disobeyed direct orders to rescue Apollo.
    Adama: I'm waiting, Captain. Gross insubordination. Reckless endangerment. A breach of my direct orders. Foolishness. Bravado. I expect such things of you, Starbuck. But you dragged good people like Athena, Boomer and--
    Athena: Starbuck didn't drag anyone into--
    Adama: Do not speak, daughter. Do you have anything to say for yourself, captain?
    Starbuck: I did what I felt I had to do, commander.
    Adama: Really, then answer me this... is my son Apollo really alive?
    Starbuck: Yes, commander.
    Adama: Thank the stars. I will not forget this, 'Buck. Not now. Not ever.
  • Doctors Madusa and Salik break the news to Apollo's friends and family regarding the Major's condition.
    Madusa: Apollo's Viper was brought down by Cylon fire. He suffered multiple injuries in the crash. Most are minor and will heal. He's lucky to be alive.
    Starbuck: "Most?"
    Madusa: The head trauma. It has caused a micro-fissure in Apollo's brain. We can't repair it. Starbuck: Is it... terminal?
    Madusa: Essentially, captain, Apollo is at constant risk of a stroke-event or brain hemorrhage. he may live for years, or die tomorrow.
    Starbuck: No. No, that's not the way it's supposed to go...
    Athena: What can we do?
    Salik: With care and regular examination, we can monitor the injury and manage it. But one thing is certain: he can no longer risk any extremes of physical stress. For example, high-gee pressure. Or any chance of impact trauma. His career as a pilot, and as a Colonial Warrior fit for active duty, is over.

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