I Have Seen Earth

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I Have Seen Earth
"I Have Seen Earth"
An unproduced script for the Original Series
Writer(s) Steve Kreinberg
Andy Guerdat
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Production No. 50911
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I Have Seen Earth
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A proprietor is forced to abandon an asteroid with a solid gold core when the Cylons arrive, after which he endears Boxey with tales about having been to Earth... which is proven at the end when he gives Boxey a medallion with Earth's continents engraved on it.


Act 1

Act 1 begins on page 1 and ends on page 15.
  • While on patrol in the Omicron sector, Starbuck, Apollo and Athena are not finding any Cylons, which leads to a brief discussion over Athena's disappointment of the lack of Cylons. Starbuck reminiscences about remembering his days as a rookie, which leads to a brief recap over his kill statistics, much to Athena's disgust.
  • Athena scans communications frequencies, happening over Jaspar's static-filled distress signal, where he tells of an attack by Cylons. Starbuck determines that the signal comes from Talus sector and detects that a sub-light vehicle is being chased by two fighters. Athena acknowledges and is the first to head towards the action.
  • Inside The Golden Queen, a battered and beat-up shuttle that "should have been scrap-iron yahren ago," Jaspar is coaxing the ship along trying to keep it from being destroyed by the Cylons. It is here we are introduced to Nugget, Jaspar's pet Simian. He makes one last attempt at communicating to the outside, then notes to Nugget that "we're in big trouble this time". He vainly chastises the Cylons, berating them for running him off Opelon.
  • Even after saving the engine from going out entirely, the Queen is unable to avoid the Cylons as they come in for the kill.
  • As Athena lines up her first kill, Starbuck destroys it effortlessly. Despite her complaint about having him right in her sights, Starbuck admonishes her for not firing. Apollo takes out the second Raider and establishes communication to Queen.
  • Jaspar reports that the Queen's solium tanks are leaking, his ship thruster has gone out, and he thinks that he saw his braking flaps "float by". Apollo instructs Jaspar to follow him.
  • On Opelon, Baltar and Lucifer discuss how Jaspar's discovery is the richest ore deposit in the galaxy, and would be enough "metal for a millennium of weapon circuitry".
  • A Centurion reports that Jaspar has escaped due to the intervention of Vipers from Galactica, leaving Baltar displeased.
  • In the Life Station, Salik is examining Jaspar, who is evasive when questioned about where he comes from and where he's going. Salik goes to examine Nugget, who has disappeared.
  • Nugget has found Boxey and Muffit II, who are playing a "game similar to marbles," and after Boxey rolls the gyroball, the simian grabs it and scampers away. Boxey and Muffit pursue Nugget to the Life Station, where Boxey meets Jasper, who informs Boxey that Nugget is attracted to shiny metal things. After giving Boxey back his gyroball, Jaspar tells Boxey that he and Nugget are prospectors.
  • After Salik makes a crack about Jasper not having much success, suggesting that Jasper should "make Nugget dig for a change," Jaspar tells him that "looks can be deceiving" and asks to leave. With a reply to the affirmative, Jaspar invites Boxey to the Golden Queen.
  • Boxey is reminded by Salik that Apollo confined him to his quarters for sneaking in to watch the Vipers launching, which is dangerous. However, Jaspar convinces Salik to take the boy with him so as to "see to it that he stays out of trouble," and they leave.
  • In core command, Adama, Apollo and Tigh are discussing where the Cylons may have come from. Adama orders Apollo to bring Jaspar to the bridge when through with his medical examination.
  • In the launch bay, Jaspar works on his ship, patching up the solium jets and turning "some internal plating into new braking flaps". When Jaspar informs Boxey that they'll be leaving soon, Boxey tells him that the Fleet is headed for Earth. Jaspar claims he's been there and begins pointing out damage to the ship. He points out a laser scar on the Queen, which he received from the Royal Knights of the planet Zanistan.
  • As Apollo enters the landing bay, Jaspar tells Boxey the story of his encounter with the Royal Knights, as a result of sneaking megons of gold ore from the king's domain. He tells a story of being pursued by one, or two, hundred fighters which they evaded, claiming they were Syranese Pirates. Boxey catches the inconsistency, which Jaspar tries to weasel his way out of, but the story is interrupted by Apollo.
  • Displeased with Boxey's disregard for Apollo's instruction to stay confined to their quarters, Apollo tells Boxey to go back to his quarters, despite Jaspar's attempt to take responsibilty. After Boxey leaves, Apollo asks Jaspar to come with him to see Adama.
  • Jaspar and Nugget arrive on the bridge. Adama questions their visitor about the location of the Cylons, but is unhelpful in that regard. After claiming that he's "kicked all around the universe," from "Zanus to Carillon, [and] from Palobar to Earth," a surprised Adama asks him about Earth. Jaspar claims to have been to the planet "two, three times," and offers to lead them to Opelon, claiming that "there's a settlement of earthlings there" that will "take you right on to Earth".
  • After Adama excuses Jaspar, he discusses Jaspar's claim with Apollo and Tigh, who ultimately agree to go to Opelon.
  • In an underground command center, Lucifer informs Baltar that Galactica is headed straight for them, leaving Baltar reveling in the development. He puts the outpost on alert, exuberantly claiming that Galctica is delivering herself "right into our hands".

Act 2

Act 2 begins on page 16 and ends on page 28.
  • Using an old sextant, Jaspar leads Galactica and the Fleet to Opelon, during which he begins to tell Boxey a story about "the time me and Nugget were trapped in a den of hungry leonines". As he relays these instructions to Omega, he becomes exasperated. Adama voices his concern to Tigh about possibly making a mistake, noting that they are being lead by a primitive device where they have the "finest navigational equipment in the universe".
  • Later, Adama, Athena, Apollo, Boxey and Jaspar are in Adama's quarters eating a meal. Jaspar answers Athena's question regarding Earth, flattering her by saying Earth women "aren't half as pretty". Adama presses on his questioning of Jaspar regarding Earth. Boxey reveals that Jaspar told him that "kids on Earth don't have to go to bed early because the moons keep it light most of the day".
  • Adama rebuffs this, as the ancient writings indicate that Earth only has one satellite. Jaspar tries to convince Adama that he saw three moons and assures that the people on Opelon will confirm this. Athena tries to defuse the tension by assuring Jaspar that Adama wasn't implying that he was lying. After Apollo indicates that they'll all feel better when they get to Opelon, Boxey defensively asks Adama why he doesn't like his best friend, Jaspar.
  • Apollo admonishes him, telling him to eat his green veggies. Jaspar tells Boxey conspiratorially that Nugget likes green veggies, which Boxey subsequently feeds to Nugget under the table. However, this does not pass Apollo's attention, who tells him to go to his quarters.
  • As Boxey leaves, Tigh enters and reports that they've picked up Opelon in the Ontarus sector, which dissolves the tensions in the room regarding Jaspar's character.
  • In the underground center, Lucifer notifies Baltar that Galactica has entered the sector. He asks when they can attack, which Baltar answers that he needs a few centons to plan Galactica's capture.
  • In the Officers' Club, Warriors are regaling in celebration over Opelon. Starbuck proposes a toast to "Opelon and the turning point of our long journey". As Jaspar enters the club with Boxey and Nugget, Jaspar is hailed as a hero by both Starbuck and Boomer. Boxey tells Jaspar that he's sure to get the Golden Cluster for that.
  • Jaspar emotes how touched he is over the honor, even after Boxey reminds him of his story about him and Nugget being made kings on Arridus.
  • Starbuck then puts his arm around Jaspar, telling him that he has "performed an heroic service" for the survivors of the Colonies.
  • In core command, Adama looks out the window to the planet Opelon when Athena queries him about his not being present at the celebration. Adama has no desire to celebrate yet, offering his concern that the ancient writings do not refer to Opelon at all. Athena assures him that Jaspar will never take Adama's place in Boxey's eyes, and while Adama is sure of this any way, he continues to be deep in thought.
  • After she leaves his side, Tigh notifies Adama that they're within Opelon's graviational field. Adama orders the ship to maintain an equatorial orbit and to give his "personal congratulations and the gratitude of the entire fleet to Jaspar," after which he proceeds to his quarters.
  • Jaspar is in the launch bay loading up the Queen with supplies, telling Nugget of his plan to load up on the ore while the Cylons are preoccupied with Galactica.
  • He is interrupted by the barking of Muffit and Boxey, who is upset that Jaspar is leaving. Jaspar tries to explain, claiming that he has to go to Zanistan to fight the Royal Knights, who are six-armed swordsmen. Boxey tells Jaspar that he wishes to accompany him, but Jaspar replies that Boxey shouldn't be too hard on his father, who is thinking of Boxey's best interests.
  • Jaspar notices that Nugget is gone and goes to search for him.
  • In core command, Rigel receives a communication from Jaspar, who manages to convince her to give him launch instructions. She obliges, believing his story about Adama wanting to set up a meeting between him and his old friend, the Emperor of Opelon, who doesn't like to be kept waiting.
  • The Golden Queen launches, which is noticed by the Cylons on Opelon. Lucifer and Baltar infer correctly that Adama is unaware of the Cylon presence on the planet and orders that the Cylons meet the crew to capture the shuttle's occupants alive for use as hostages.
  • On the Queen, Jaspar tells Nugget that he didn't like lying to the people on Galactica and notes that "how else could we get back to our gold". He believes Galactica is armed enough to take on the tinheads as he begins to descend on the planet.
  • Athena enters Boxey's quarters, ready to instruct him, but finds the room deserted.
  • After landing on Opelon, Jaspar checks over an old numo rifle and subsequently sees the approach of centurions to the landing sight. Nugget and Jaspar flee the ship, which Boxey and Muffit have stowed away on... only for Boxey and Muffit to be caught by the Cylons.

Act 3

Act 3 begins on page 29 and ends on page 40.
  • Athena abruptly enters Adama's quarters and tells him that Boxey is missing, including Jaspar and the Golden Queen. Adama is furious, asking who gave him permission to launch; Adama tells her to inform the bridge that he's on his way.
  • On the bridge, Tigh informs Adama that he's tracked the path of Jaspar's shuttle. Apollo requests a full squadron to search for him immediately, however Tigh and Adama both agree that they need to send a fighter probe first.
  • Apollo offers both himself and Starbuck to lead the probe, which Adama gives permission for.
  • Starbuck tries to cheer up Apollo by saying that Boxey's likely shaking hands with "the Colonial settlers" right now.
  • In the Cylon's underground command center, Boxey and Muffit are presented to Baltar. Baltar is incredulous over the fact that Boxey was the sole occupant of the Queen. When Boxey kicks a Centurion in the shin, the Cylon withdraws its sword, but Baltar stops the Cylon from using it. Even when kicked in the shins himself, the Cylon does not react.
  • Boxey lets it slip that Adama is his grandfather, which gives Baltar the upper hand in his dealings with Adama. He orders the Cylons to place Boxey in detention and to not harm the child; Muffit, on the other hand, is to be terminated after it bites Baltar's leg.
  • Boxey tells Muffit to run and the daggit does so, even when shot at by a Centurion.
  • Apollo and Starbuck approach the Queen, which appears abandoned. Starbuck identifies a footprint as belonging to a Cylon.
  • When Apollo opens the Queen's hatch, they happen upon a Centurion who waited inside. Apollo manages to tackle the Centurion, and Starbuck tries to help, finding that another Centurion, coming up from behind a boulder, tries to interdict his attempt.
  • Apollo finds the Centurion's strength overwhelming, but is able to slam the hatch upon the Centurion, who staggers backward. The Centurion is dazed long enough for Apollo to kill it with has laser.
  • Apollo and Starbuck flee to the hillside, where they hope to find some cover from the approaching Centurions.
  • In the mine, Jaspar talks to Nugget about abandoning Boxey to the Cylons. He tries to convince himself that Boxey won't be harmed by the Cylons because he's a mere boy. Apollo, who comes out of nowhere, corrects his delusion.
  • Apollo and Jaspar argue, the former asking what was important enough to sacrifice Boxey's life. However, they are soon besieged by Centurions, who force the Warriors to follow Jaspar through the tunnels—that he reveals to have dug.
  • In core command, Adama dresses down Rigel. After she's informed not to give anyone launching clearance without express orders of himself or Colonel Tigh, Omega reports that a Cylon base ship is eight to ten centons to attack range. Adama resigns himself to waiting only a few more centons, hoping that Apollo and Starbuck report their findings within that time.
  • On Opelon, an angry Baltar asks who ordered the basestar into the sector. A Centurion replies that it was the Imperious Leader who ordered it. With a touch of sarcasm, Lucifer asks of Baltar's plans; Baltar orders the Cylons to bring Boxey to him.
  • Jaspar, Nugget, Apollo and Starbuck continue avoiding the Cylons, who have broken up into smaller parties to search each tunnel entrance that they may have gone through. They eventually happen upon a gold mine, being mined by Cylons who are specially outfitted to mine the gold, and thus do not react to the humans' presence.
  • Once it is revealed that the gold mine is the reason why Jaspar lead the Fleet to Opelon, Apollo angrily asks Jaspar where the Cylons would hold Boxey. Jaspar tells them that they'd hold Boxey in the detention chamber and leads the way, as he was once held there as well.
  • On Galactica, they receive an unexpected transmission from Baltar. Adama's first words are those of unbridled anger, as he declares that he should have killed Baltar while he had the chance. Baltar chastises Adama for treating him so disdainfully, since he's "taking care of" Boxey.
  • Enraged, Adama threatens harm upon Baltar should anything befall Boxey. Baltar tries to play off this, claiming that he wouldn't harm Boxey and notes that while he likes the boy, the Cylons don't feel the same way. With Boxey now a pawn in his game, Baltar offers Adama the deal he had offered him in the Tomb of the Ninth Lord of Kobol: help him overthrow the Cylon Empire. Adama pretends to play along, saying that they would have to share command of Galactica, but backtracks a bit to reiterate that he will not trust Baltar again. Baltar makes believe that he is the only one who can save Boxey; stalling for time, Adama convinces Baltar that he needs time to think about such a difficult decision.
  • Baltar agrees to this and the communication ends. Tigh asks Adama if he's seriously considering Baltar's proposition; Adama doesn't reply, but instead orders him to maintain orbit around Opelon and to notify him when the baseship comes in range.

Act 4

Act 4 begins on page 41 and ends on ##.
  • Appearing to be lost, Starbuck asks Jaspar if he's lost. Jaspar claims he's not lost, with the disclaimer that all the tunnels look alike.
  • They run into Muffit, who deduce that the drone must know where Boxey is and thus follow the daggit.
  • On Galactica, Tigh tells Adama that the Cylons basestar will be within range in a few microns.
  • Adama asks after Apollo and Starbuck, but Tigh tells him that they have heard nothing. Faced with no apparent choice, Adama orders the Fleet to withdraw from Opelon and head towards deep space at full speed.
  • On the approaching basestar, its Commander is told that Galactica and her Fleet are making their escape, and so orders fighters to be dispatched.


  • The script analyzed here is the final revised draft dated November 3, 1978.
  • The coversheet mistakenly spells Steve Kreinberg's last name as "Kreynberg".
  • This script was retooled by Jim Carlson and Terrence McDonnell, and was a candidate for the Original Series' second season. Furthermore, veteran Western actor Jack Elam was considered for the part of Jaspar.[1]


  • This would be the third episode where Athena flies a Viper, having previously flown a Viper in the "Lost Planet of the Gods" two parter. This facet would be quickly abandoned as the character was scaled down during the series run, until the character disappeared entirely after "Greetings From Earth".
  • The character of Cassiopeia is absent from this script.


  • This script is the second instance where the slang for Cylons, "tinheads," is used.
  • Centurions are also equipped with laser pistols in the script, although this does not happen in the Original Series, save Red-Eye in "The Lost Warrior". Centurions are later equipped with pistols in the spin-off Galactica 1980.
  • A new variant of Cylons are introduced in this script, a variant that is described only as being thus:
    Their arms are modified pickaxes and shoves instead of hands. Their single red eye has been replaced by a shining light, similar to the light on a miner's helmet.[2]


  • Jaspar and his pet simian, Nugget, play off the stereotype of a pirate and his animal companion. Such stereotypes have been prevalent even in science fiction, notably in the cult camp classic Lost in Space.
  • As is revealed in the final act, Jaspar has either been to Earth or has encountered someone who knows about Earth, given the medallion that he later gives Boxey. Although not definitive proof of Earth's existence, it lends credibility towards the belief that it does.

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