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Galactica 1980 #2
Galactica 1980 #2
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 2
Writer(s) Marc Guggenheim
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Penciller(s) Cezar Razek
Inker(s) Cezar Razek
Colorist(s) Salvatore Aiala
Letterer(s) Simon Bowland
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Cover Artist(s) Lucio Parrillo
Adaptation of
Published October 2009
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Population 0 Survivors
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  • From the Presidential Emergency Operations Center beneath the East Wing of the White House, the US president is informed by his generals that they have scored a direct hit on Galactica.
  • At the same time, NORAD begins a pre-emptive strike on the Soviet Union.
  • Troy "Boxey" Adama watches in horror as Galactica burns near the White House, while Dr. Gaius Zee monitors the situation from the Rising Star.
  • Zee informs the Quorum of Twelve that Adama is dead. When Colonel Boomer rebukes him, Zee says that he had previously implanted biomonitors in all Quorum members, and Adama's ceased functioning.
  • The Quorum acknowledges that command of the Fleet has fallen to Boomer. Zee negates this by declaring cerebral law, assuming command and ordering the immediate subjugation of Earth.
  • At the Arecibo Observatory in Puerto Rico, a scientist informs Donald Mortinson that something is happening. Mortinson retorts that he already knows, as he has been waiting for the discovery of extraterrestrial life for his entire career.
  • Mortinson's colleague says that he heard that the "aliens" were actually Russians. Mortinson begins listening to a conversation between Dillon and Troy, noting that they are using standard radio technology.
  • Though Dillon and Troy appear to be speaking English to each other, Mortinson and his colleague hear them speaking a foreign language.
  • Mortinson's colleague believes it sounds like Hebrew and wonders why the Israelis would be attacking.
  • Mortinson corrects him, saying that the language bear strong similarities to ancient Aramaic, a language that is over three thousand years old. He rushes out of the office to borrow his friend Hector's plane.
  • In Moscow, Leonid Brezhnev and his military advisers learn that the US has launched what they believe to be a retaliatory strike. Brezhnev immediately orders a counter-strike against the US.
  • Troy and Dillon race into the burning wreckage of Galactica looking for Adama. Amid the rubble and scorched bodies, they find him lying on the floor barely breathing. They innoculate him against the radiation from the nuclear missile and pull him from the wreckage.
  • As the two leave with Troy carrying Adama over his shoulder, they are confronted by American troops, who order them to drop their weapons. Neither Troy nor Dillon can understand what they are saying.
The re-imagined Baltar in Galactica 1980
  • Dillon raises his laser pistol, and one of the marines opens fire and hits him. Troy returns fire, catching the soldier in the chest and startling the other troops with his laser.
  • In the Operations Center, the American generals confirm that the Soviets have retaliated with a nuclear strike of their own and request permission from the President to launch a second salvo.
  • One of the President's advisers, Bob, recommends waiting on the second salvo, noting the original attack may not have been Soviet given the level of technology seen thus far, such as the Vipers and the laser pistols.
  • Bob suggests that this may in fact be a first contact event, but another aide interrupts to inform them that the Colonials are landing ground forces.
  • From Rising Star, Dr. Zee is directing the invasion of the Earth. Deducing that the White House is the seat of power in the United States, Zee orders the Vipers heading towards Earth to commence strafing runs.
  • Civilian conscripted soldiers armed with laser pistols begin loading into landrams in preparation for the invasion.
  • Zee tells them to reclaim their heritage by conquering the "savages" of Earth, as they do so with the blessings of the Gods.
  • Vipers fly over Washington, D.C. as terrified civilians run from their cars.
  • Near the Capitol, Mortinson records his thoughts in his car. He believes that he is one of the few people in the world who could identify the language of the Colonials as descending from Aramaic. He also believes he is the only person capable of communicating with them and ending hostilities.
  • He also cites their use of an Aramaic-derived language as proof that the Colonials are in fact human.
  • Arriving at the scene of Galactica's wreckage in front of the White House, Mortinson notes that he is excited by the arrival of the Colonials, as it vindicates his entire career's work.
  • Back near Galactica, Troy orders the remaining troops to get back. The soldiers realize that the radiation from the strike is burning them and retreat. He goes to Dillon, who is lying bleeding on the ground.
  • Dillon notes that Earth sucks, and asks Troy not to blame the Earthlings for what has happened, as they are "only human."
  • In the White House, the President, generals and advisers listen to Colonial communications. They continue to debate there origins, alternatively suggesting the Israelis, Iranians, extraterrestrials and biblical prophecy.
  • A general informs the President that the Russian retaliatory strike has destroyed missile silos in Montana, Kansas and Nebraska, with more missiles on the way.
  • They suggest that even if the Soviets are not behind the original attack, they are now trying to destroy America's ability to retaliate and therefore the US must launch a full counter-attack while they still can.
  • The President agrees, ordering the generals to "launch World War III."
  • In a well-decorated room, a lone man plays the piano as a figure in shadow talks to him.
  • The man at the piano tells the shadow figure that he is playing Larson's Apogee in C-Minor, adding that it is charming to play the music of an extinct race.
  • The shadow figure, revealed to be Lucifer, corrects him, noting that the race is not entirely extinct.
  • The man at the figure stands up, revealing Baltar, who has had part of his face replaced with metal. He tells Lucifer that though they could destroy the Fleet at any moment, it would destroy any chance of having Adama lead them to the home of the Thirteenth Tribe.
  • Lucifer informs Baltar that he was correct, as Adama has landed on Earth. Baltar pulls back a curtain to reveal a window looking into space.
  • Baltar asks how long until the Cylons intercept. Lucifer replies that it will be sixty centons, as a fleet of basestars and raiders are shown heading straight towards Earth.


  • This comic's title is "Greetings From Earth," an obvious nod to the Battlestar Galactica episode of the same name.
  • The usage of Viper numbers and callsigns, in addition to proper first and last names (i.e. Troy "Boxey" Adama in Viper 5480), is likely inspired by the Re-imagined Series. As is Doctor Zee's first name, Gaius, who is clearly named as a nod to Gaius Baltar.
  • Colonel Boomer was not on Galactica at the time of the American's fatal attack on the battlestar. While next in command, Dr. Zee declares "cerebral law" (a form of martial law that relieves both military and the Quorum of their leadership) and transfers this authority to Zee.
  • The Colonials have a vaccine against radiation.
  • Colonial language is based off of Aramaic.
  • This issue contains several subtle homages to the actual Galactica 1980 television series:


  • Doctor Zee is quick to inform the Quorum that Adama is dead and to declare "cerebral law." Now that Adama and Galactica are out of the way, Zee executes with his plan of conquering Earth. Given Troy and Dillon's retrieval of Adama, who is still barely alive, the biosensor Adama was implanted with either stopped functioning or Zee lied in order to obtain his goal.
  • Baltar's plan to simply follow Adama and the Fleet to Earth is a logical one that is apparently not considered by anyone of importance in the Fleet. Unlike the Doctor Zee from the television series, the comic depiction does not apparently consider this fact, and thus may be blinded by his own hubris.


Answered Questions

  • Will the Colonial's invasion and conquest of Earth succeed? (Answer)
  • What of the Cylons, will they simply clean up after the Colonial's attack on Earth? (Answer)
  • What would happen to Baltar should he be successful in destroying humanity? (Answer)

Unanswered Questions

  • How did Baltar come to obtain the metal plate on his face?
  • Now that Galactica is destroyed, which ship in the Fleet is militarily the strongest?

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Doctor Gaius Zee addresses the invasion force:
Gaius Zee: ... This is Dr. Gaius Zee speaking to you from the bridge of the Rising Star. Ever since the Caprican Apocalypse, our people have been sustained by a singular dream... arrival on the soil claimed by the Thirteenth Tribe. That day is finally here. On the ground below, infested by a race of savages who are but the merest shadow of humanity, is your heritage. It belongs to you and it is waiting for you to claim it. Go with the blessing of the Gods.

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