The New Millennium

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The New Millennium
The New Millennium
An issue of the Realm Press series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) Jim Shooter, Scott Braden, and James Kuhoric
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Penciller(s) Dan Parsons, Mike Malbrough, and Santiago
Colorist(s) Dan Parsons, Mike Malbrough, David Hillman, and Fernando Irons
Letterer(s) Mark Haynes
Editor(s) J. C. Vaughn and James Kuhoric
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Cover Artist(s) Robert Scott
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Published September 1999
Collected in
Reprinted as
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Population 0 Survivors
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The New Millennium
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An anthology of stories spanning the Fleet, featuring Starbuck's approach to the life of a Warrior; a father giving his son hope for the future despite dire circumstances; and Sheba's rite of passage as a Warrior.


Fear of Flying

  • Under pursuit by a flotilla of Cylon Raiders, Red Three detects Starbuck's lone Viper on approach. As Starbuck flirts with Red Three, noting that she is a recent cadet "with the great legs," he orders her to dive as he dispatches the nearest two Raiders.
  • Red Three urges him to flee, but he orders her to stay among the Raider phalanx to prevent the Cylons from shooting at her lest they engage in friendly fire. Starbuck takes out three more Raiders.
  • In the Fleet, Psych-Med Doctor Ishtara receives word from her assistant, Vesta, that Starbuck is 40 centons overdue. Ishtara shares her dread of the meeting, as she feels that she has no choice but to ground Starbuck based on his psyche-exam, despite Vesta's objection.
  • Starbuck remembers that he is overdue for his evaluation, sharing his observations with Red Three, including his belief that Ishtara is part Cylon and that Vesta is "luscious." Red Three dispatches two of the Raiders on Starbuck's tail during these musings.
  • Ishtara records her decision to ground Starbuck via voice log, noting that core command has shared with her Starbuck's current status in the midst of battle. She notes that while he has commendable qualities, there are others unbecoming of an officer that suggests obsessive-compulsive behaviors.
  • In the thick of another wave, Starbuck invites Red Three to a thermo-tub if she promises to follow orders.
  • Vesta returns to Ishtara's office with security footage of Starbuck's various acts, including the time he was caught in Commander Adama's private study with two hostesses from Rising Star. Ishtara directs her to set the vid-view to copy the segments for amendment to her report tape. Vesta asks how Starbuck's "bad little boy" behavior could affect his flight status, to which Ishtara replies that such behaviors arise from those who feel afraid and seek to offload responsibility for their actions, preferring to surrender their control to someone else. Ishtara surmises that Starbuck wants to get into trouble, repeatedly testing himself in various situations and feels that the only result is that he will eventually break under the strain, resulting in insurmountable losses to the Fleet's sole line of defense.
  • Vesta sees Starbuck's public admissions of fear to be refreshing, noting that all of humanity's survivors are afraid.
  • Starbuck slows his Viper to near still in the fight, prompting Red Three's concern. Feeling that they're sitting avions, Starbuck informs her that Cylons are machines and the random, illogical act may cause them to stop firing. Red Three professes surprise at the nearly forty Raiders retreating; she feels that Starbuck's out-of-the-box thinking was brave, but he professes fear as they head back to Galactica.
  • The two Vipers land, and Red Three asks Starbuck if their date is still on. He replies in the affirmative, hoping to convince Ishtara that he is in need of a long furlon.
  • Starbuck makes himself comfortable upon the couch in Ishtara's office, and begins smoking a fumarello. During the conversation, he turns the tables and shares his thoughts on her responsibility regarding the mental health of numerous other people throughout the day. He asks if she ever lets her hair down, noting that if he didn't fly loose, he'd have "gone over the edge a long time ago."
  • A red alert prompts Starbuck to leave the couch, and his asking if he is cleared to fly. She replies the affirmative, and Starbuck leaves. Vesta arrives, noting that there are no other appointments that day. Ishtara tells Vesta that it's late, and that they should not work late tonight, letting her hair down.


Favorite Son

Tales of the Pegasus - Chapter One: Daddy's Girl


  • Starbuck's Viper features blue striping, instead of the orange, to differentiate the two Vipers depicted in the comic. Red Three's Viper features orange-red striping.
  • The vulgarism "frak" is written as a four-letter variant to the Original Series' frack in Fear of Flying.
  • The inference in the chapter designation following "Tales of the Pegasus" was its intention to span multiple stories. However, Realm Press' run was short-lived and thus Chapter One is the only installment.



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