Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse 1

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Issue 1
Issue 1
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 1
Writer(s) Javier Grillo-Marxuach
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Penciller(s) Carlos Rafael
Colorist(s) Carlos Lopez
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Cover Artist(s) Michael Golden, Pat Lee, Carlos Rafael, Jim Starlin
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Published February, 2007
Collects Pat Lee Foil Edition
Virgin Jim Starlin Cover
Pat Lee Negative Art Cover
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Population 0 Survivors
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Apollo and Starbuck discover a civil war brewing within the Cylon Empire.


  • While on patrol, Apollo and Starbuck pick up hundreds of Cylon Raiders on their scanners.
  • The Warrior's two Viper are connected to a small astralon (asteroid) by their landing clamps, powered down as they conduct their reconnaissance.
  • On a closer look, the two Colonial Warriors discover that the Cylons are fighting each other. The battle occurs over an uninhabitable, watery planet.
  • A basestar in the middle of the fighting is suffering a core breech and is falling towards the planet.
  • The victorious Raiders begin their retreat, passing dangerously close to the asteroid and the two Vipers, but the Colonials go undetected.
  • Apollo orders Starbuck to join him to investigate the wreckage of the downed basestar; he and his father would have many questions as to why Cylons are killing Cylons.
  • Elsewhere, Galactica and her Fleet are entering their third week of hiding in the Korax nebula.
  • Amidst the electromagnetic storms of dust and interference is the Canopus wormhole, which Adama believes might be a clue for mankind's survival, or its doom.
  • Commander Adama, Sheba and Bojay brief Doctor Wilker on a series of strange transmissions that they have received while studying the wormhole during a stealth approach Viper patrol.
  • Bojay notes that they were analyzing signals at frequencies that the Cylons would never think to explore: amplitude and frequency modulations, as well as ultra-high and very-high frequency spectrums.
  • The transmissions the two Warriors picked up show a stately older human male in front of a podium.[1]
  • While the means of transmission is primitive, the revelation is clear: Sheba and Bojay picked up signals that filtered through the wormhole from the lost Thirteenth Colony. If the transmissions came from the wormhole, the group surmises that the colony itself may be on the other side of the phenomenon.
  • But Adama knows of another problem that the doctor needs to know first.
  • Starbuck and Apollo encounter the wrecked basestar, smoking and on fire, but more or less intact.
  • As they approach, Starbuck laments that they have found yet another uninhabitable planet. He mulls over what he'd just like to do for leisure on a nice, perfect world (with a beach): a professional pyramid player, a fumarello leaf plantation owner, or something more leisurely.
  • Donning breathing gear (the atmosphere has sufficient pressure that negates the need for environmental suits), the two land their Vipers on a rock outcropping. Apollo reads no movement in the basestar.
  • As they enter the warship, they find signs of blaster marks: the Cylons were attacking each other inside the ship as well. At the bottom of a long shaft that the rappel down, Apollo and Starbuck find the inactive shells of dozens of Centurions.
  • Starbuck lands on the pile of dead Cylons and looks closer. The robots are covered in a black, viscous liquid.
  • Back on Galactica, Adama has moved his battlestar out of the nebula, risking Cylon detection so that he could show Dr. Wilker the complication of further exploration of the Canopus wormhole. Located in front of the wormhole is a planet, inhabited by Cylons.
  • Stealth probes indicate that the planet is essentially a large Cylon computer mainframe. The Cylon civilians and military there are tasked with protection of the Cylon Empire's databases.
  • On the Cylon planet, two Command Centurions brief Regent Abbadon, an IL-series, of the "infidel" basestar's destruction. Abbadon wants confirmation tha the basestar was disintegrated without a trace, but the Centurions note only the crash of the ship into the watery planet they know as Burania.
  • Abbadon is not pleased. Questioning the Command Centurions' own self-preservation programming, he chastises them for not completely destroying the basestar. Telling them that, so long as the downed basestar exists, the "work of the infidel" remains, "waiting to be used against us all".
  • Abbadon orders the Centurions to return to Burania with Cylon bombers, as well as a Cylon stealth team to watch the planet for anyone that investigates that world.
  • Starbuck tells Apollo of the strange black organic substance, and suggests hacking into the ship's computers for some useful tactical data when a gigantic form rises into the air with a loud "MMMOOWRRR!!"
  • The form is a monstrous blob of the black substance with many Centurion bodies littered within it. It aggressively moves towards the Warriors.
  • Blasting it does no good; Starbuck grabs Apollo and lifts them both on his repelling gear upward and away from the monstrous blob and out of the basestar's interior.
  • As Starbuck asks Apollo if they can leave this "Hades hole," a group of Cylon bombers approach.
  • The two Warriors narrowly escape death from both bombs and the blob (which launches out of the shaft towards them) by jumping into the water as the bombs drop on the basestar.
  • As Starbuck and Apollo return to the Fleet, Abbadon's stealth Cylon unit invisibly tracks and follows the two Vipers back to their battlestar.
  • Apollo and Starbuck present their findings to Dr. Wilker, noting that the component parts of the Centurion bodies reformed into a single organism. Apollo presents the doctor with a sample of the liquid just as battle alarms begin to blare through Galactica.
  • Apollo opens a communications intercom with core command, asking what is going on. Adama reports a hull breech in Apollo's sector.
  • Athena brings up a security camera on the science deck: Adama watches as several armed Cylons enter through a large hole in the hull.


  • The term "weeks" is used instead of the Colonial equivalent.



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  1. The picture used appears to be U.S. President Franklin D. Roosevelt, dedicating the 1939 New York World's Fair.