Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 4

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Issue 4
Issue 4
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 4
Writer(s) Rick Remender
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Penciller(s) Carlos Rafael
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Cover Artist(s) Dave Dorman
Carlos Rafael
Adaptation of
Published October 2006
Collects Dorman Virgin Cover
Collected in Classic Battlestar Galactica
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Population 0 Survivors
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The survivors of Maytoria, led by Starbuck and Boomer, attempt escape from the Cylon-occupied world.


  • Colonel Tigh alerts Commander Adama that surveillance probes they had left on Maytoria reveal a newly-created Galactica-specific distress signal from the planet. While Tigh is hopeful, Adama is cautious, knowing it unlikely that either Colonial Warrior would reveal that newer code to the Cylons, but still wary. Adama chooses not to do anything as turning back for the two could jeopardize the Fleet.
  • On Maytoria, the remains of the human population storm the Cylon loading platform, trying to hold off or destroy waves of Centurion platoons. One Centurion grabs a human in a fistfight, saying "Resistance is futile."[1] The Cylon is destroyed by another human, Srep, as everyone makes their way to a Cylon personnel carrier.
  • One of the civilians, Freg, is shot and orders Boomer and his team to leave without him. They refuse and carry him along. Srep is shot and killed as the group find the carrier and try to figure out how to fly it: Boomer is injured and is the only qualified pilot.
  • Just then, Starbuck and Stadra Ah Mun, believed dead, appear in the carrier, ready to lend a hand.
  • Starbuck is able to pilot the carrier away, but soon it is pursued and attacked by four Cylon Raiders.
  • By luck, while trying to figure out the workings of the carrier's weapons systems, Starbuck ejects some cargo containers, which slams into one Raider, forces a second to careen into the third and fourth fighters, eliminating the initial threat. Impressed, Ah Mun kisses Starbuck.
  • Jatu finds her father, Freg, and is happy to see him.
  • Counting their blessings, Starbuck and Boomer commiserate that they hadn't find any data on Earth when Ah Mun enters with a downloaded databank of Maytoria's central library with data that might be salvation for humanity. Ah Mun warns Starbuck that the data won't matter unless they find Galactica.
  • As Adama consider a close approach to the Maytorian system for a last hopeful look, scanners detect a Cylon craft—a freighter. An officer tells Adama that life forms are aboard, but the readings aren't clear.
  • Aboard the freighter, Starbuck can't figure out how to make a communications reply to Galactica, but, in his luck, Starbuck inadvertently opens a channel successfully, and Galactica gets to see Starbuck and Boomer arguing about their plight.
  • Adama interrupts their argument. Boomer requests medical teams standby for casualties on their ship.
  • As Starbuck enters the landing bay, Athena and Cassiopeia are there to greet him. Unfortunately for Starbuck, Stadra Ah Mun is close by. Neither are pleased at all by Starbuck's womanizing behavior. Ah Mun moves on as well, leaving Starbuck to stammer about the complexities of women.
  • Later, Adama notes that the data from Maytoria was invaluable to their search, and toasts the Maytoria refugees. They plan to convert the Cylon carrier into a home for yet another addition to the ships of the Fleet.
  • Ah Mun, Athena and Cassiopeia talk amongst themselves, making jokes between themselves about Starbuck, who is becoming increasing paranoid that the three are discussing his shortcomings.
  • On the freighter, a Command Centurion appears from a hidden storage area, along with a platoon of Centurions and one IL-series Cylon. Apparently, it was the intention of the Cylons to allow the Maytorians to escape and them sneak themselves aboard Galactica.
  • Ah Mun and Starbuck talk about the future and how he feels much differently about Ah Mun than Athena or Cassie. As they kiss, a laser bolt rings out.
  • A lifeless Ah Mun collapses in Starbuck's arms as he is surrounded by the Cylon boarding party.


  • The "resistance is futile" statement from various Cylons during encounters with the human forces is a nod to Star Trek's Borg.
  • The original variation of this cover by Dave Dorman features a likeness of Lorne Greene as Adama, but this was changed prior to publication with an elder man who bears no resemblance to Greene. This is likely due to clearance issues relating to his likeness by Greene's estate.
  • The "IL" mentioned in Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #1 is revealed here, and remains unnamed.
  • Without variation, the Centurions boarding Galactica are of the gold plated Command Centurion variety, posing the question of whether this had been a stylistic choice. Prior to this issue, the Centurions encountered on Maytoria were of the standard silver chrome variety exclusively.
  • The presence of a feast for the Maytorians indicates that these events take place well after the Battle of Carillon.
  • There is a continued reliance on "Earth"-centric terms versus the Colonial terminology of the realm, with one notable exception: Freg calls a Cylon a "son of a daggit," even though Danle Rel called Boomer a "dog" when accusing the Warrior (in the previous issue) of having sold them out to the Cylons.
  • Ah Mun's reference to the "grace of the spirit" may indicate a divergent religious inclination from the Lords of Kobol.
  • As is the case with most comic book tie-ins, the series takes liberties with showing more "advanced" technologies, particularly the use of Galactica's wide viewport as a digital screen for visual communciation.


  • Stadra Ah Mun's death at the hands of Cylons allows Starbuck to continue his cavorting about the galaxy, as well as his renewed pursuit of both Athena and Cassiopeia.
  • The Quorum of Twelve's presence is either understated or ignored, particularly with the arrival of the Maytorian guests. There isn't a mention or implied sight of the Sagittarian representative, mentioned briefly in Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #1, to welcome their fellow Sagittarian survivors into the Fleet.
  • The Maytorian IL's plan relies heavily on happenstance, notably the human's ability to operate a Cylon craft. Interestingly, the fact that Cylons would need to operate the craft in the same way that humans would is illogical.


Notable Dialogue

  • Freg is seriously wounded:
    Freg: I've lost too much blood... I won't be a burden—get to that personnel transport!
    Boomer: So basically, you're saying, go on without me—? I take it you people haven't invented the cliché yet?
  • Starbuck feels outmatched and outnumbered by three women that he's vied for:
    Athena: Why Starbuck, you're acting paranoid.
    Cassiopeia: We just met.... whose shortcomings would the three of us have to discuss?
  • Starbuck's last discussion with Stadra Ah Mun:
    Ah Mun: Well, you've managed to get those two accustomed to fighting over you. That must make you feel like quite the accomplished lover.
    Starbuck: Oh yeah, women fighting over me, Cylons fighting over me, it's a blast. All kidding aside... I never felt this way about anyone before, the other girls... they're just that—girls.
    Ah Mun: ... and you'd have me believe I'm different.
    Starbuck: I would.


  1. This is likely a Star Trek in-joke to the Borg, a cybernetic race.

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