Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 3

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Issue 3
Issue 3
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 3
Writer(s) Rick Remender
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Penciller(s) Carlos Rafael
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Cover Artist(s) Dave Dorman
Carlos Rafael
Adaptation of
Published September 2006
Collects Dorman Virgin Cover
Rafael Sketch Cover
Collected in Classic Battlestar Galactica
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Population 0 Survivors
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Out of options, the survivors of Maytoria decide to attempt to commandeer a Cylon transport to escape.


  • When Danle Rel discovers a Cylon tracking tag on Boomer's clothes, he threatens to shoot him as a traitor until both Starbuck and Maytoria resistance leader Stadra Ah Mun convince Del that the Colonial Warrior was tagged in the brief time that Boomer was captured by the Cylons, unconscious and helpless.
  • Realizing a battalion of Centurions may invade the Maytorian stronghold at any time, the humans escape to the lowest level, where the group plans to have the non-combatants escape through the lower tunnels.
  • Freg gathers the available weapons, knowing that some of their group would fight weaponless in their mission to steal a Cylon transport, so that the survivors may escape the planet in the hopes of finding Galactica.
  • Boomer and Starbuck convince Ah Mun that their leaders are too zealous, and will likely kill themselves without cooler heads (the Warriors) and a more stealthy plan. Ah Mun agrees.
  • Danle Rel is incensed that the Warriors, who represent a Colonial Fleet that has abandoned them, have been selected to lead them. He relents, but shortly after the mission begins, Rel charges forward with a grenade, destroying a Cylon platoon to preoccupy them long enough for the main group to pass. Freg stops Srep from going after Rel, and the others believe him dead.
  • The group must cross a bridge. Knowing their defensive options are limited, they cross.
  • Midway, they spot a Cylon battalion, including two tanks. The team hides. The Cylons nearly pass by until Freg spots the body of Danle Rel lashed in front of a tank, and attacks.
  • The others are forced to fight. The tanks begin their bombardment, and Starbuck and Ah Mun manage to commandeer one, destroying the second tank and other Centurions.
  • Ah Mun hugs Starbuck in celebration, but pushes them against a control that makes the tank move forward. Unable to stop it, the tank plunges over into the river.
  • The others, including Boomer, believe Ah Mun and Starbuck dead. Freg and Boomer continue on, eventually arriving the Cylon central command center three metrics from their position. Boomer orders everyone to converge on the large personnel carrier they can find.
  • Ah Mun and Starbuck somehow survive, but have few options to escape other than to open the hatch and hope to swim out. After a kiss for luck, the hatch is opened.



  • Why the Cylons persist in operating ground craft as if they were individual humanoid entities is both inefficient and mind-boggling. Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 2 does attempt to address this with the introdution of the Cylon Heavy Weapons Unit.
  • As with previous Starbuck-centric installments from the Original Series, Starbuck seems to be able to "get the girl" (Stadra Ah Mun) in the end by sheer persistence.
  • Boomer is given a leadership role that, while uncommon in the Original Series, is more common in separate continuity offerings and rounds out the pre-Sheba "Warrior trinity" of the Original Series.


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