Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 2

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Issue 2
Issue 2
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 2
Writer(s) Rick Remender
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Penciller(s) Carlos Rafael
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Cover Artist(s) Dave Dorman
Carlos Rafael
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Published August 2006
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Dorman Virgin Cover
Rafael Negative Art Edition
Rafael Re-Order Cover
Collected in Classic Battlestar Galactica
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Population 0 Survivors
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Starbuck encounters a group of human survivors on the devastated Cylon-occupied world of Maytoria.


  • After Starbuck is nearly felled after being chased by many Cylon Centurions on occupied Maytoria after he is shot down, he is saved by Stadra Ah Mun, a member of what remains of the Sagittarian Colonial forces on Maytoria.
  • Ah Mun tells Starbuck that they have suffered very heavy losses while awaiting help from the Colonial Fleet.
  • She orders him to take off the Cylon armor he used as camoflage earlier. When he is glib about it, she tells him that the armor is loaded with tracking devices.
  • Ah Mun leads Starbuck to a makeshift stronghold under an old trade center building. The survivors there are very low on food and supplies; disease is becoming a danger.
  • When Ah Mun's father meets Starbuck, the old man dashes his daughter's hope at rescue, yelling that Galactica isn't aware of the civilian's presence. He points to a table where several men are playing Pyramid.
  • Ah Mun is visibly angry at Starbuck, but he is happy to see that Boomer survived his horrific crash. He had jumped away just before his Viper exploded.
  • The two Warriors discuss their plight, concerned that Galactica has left the system for its safety. When Ah Mun interrupts, she tells them that all communications except Cylon transmissions are jammed.
  • When Ah Mun is told of the Battle of Cimtar, the Sagittarians are crestfallen.
  • Aboard Galactica, Apollo, Serina and Boxey share quality time, with Muffit in the background. Apollo tells a tale about and Starbuck from their academy days. When Serina tells him that mourning is important for his lost friend, Apollo keeps his promise to his friend on never mourning each other if one she precede the other.
  • On Maytoria, Ah Mun tells the populace the situation, which is not taken well at all. Despite the seemingly-hopeless situation, Stadra Ah Mun gives a rousing speech to boost the mood, announcing that, while Colonial ships are no more, there remain Cylon transports to steal.
  • Boomer and Starbuck consider the plan suicidal, but as death awaits the humans, Ah Mun explains, one should die trying.
  • Just then, the Cylons raid the complex, killing many. When Boomer is pinned down, Starbuck charges the Cylons to distract them.
  • The two Warriors chat as they do while their fight, but Ah Mum yells at them to keep their focus as she uses an energy bazooka to blast several Cylons away.
  • Danle Rel, injured in the fight, warns that more Cylons will arrive inside, but Ah Mun tells him that the catacombs below the complex will aid their escape.
  • When Boomer complains of their relative safety, Rel reveals a strange tag on Boomer's uniform: a Cylon tracking bug. He then puts his laser pistol to Boomer's head, believing Boomer to be the "pig" to have sold them all out.



  • "Earth"-specific terms are continually used instead of Colonial terms of the realm, including "pig" and "dog."


  • Starbuck continues to make glib statements, verging into those of sexual kink when Stadra Ah Mun demands that Starbuck removes his purloined Centurion armor.
  • Apollo makes a promise to Boxey that the Cylons would never get to them aboard Galactica, even though this is quickly disproven by Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 1 #4. This recurs multiple times in other comics, including Battlestar Galactica: Cylon Apocalypse.
  • The Cylons are inefficient exterminators: given their air superiority over Maytoria, and with Boomer as a tracking point, a surgical orbital bombardment of the city would be sufficient to deal with Ah Mun's forces. Furthermore, why aren't Pluton bombs used, as those are effective in decimating food supplies.
  • Ah Mun is correct in determining that disease is the next major threat the survivors face, exacerbated by dwindling supplies and weapons. Ah Mun has little choice other than to rouse her people into accepting a suicide mission to capture a Cylon personnel carrier.
  • Beyond the fact that the Sagittarians are a stout and proud people, very little of depth is revealed in this or future issues within this volume.


  • How did Boomer come to be tagged? Was he tagged in order to flush out other humans?
  • Did the resistance not inspect Boomer before bringing him to their stronghold? (Answer)
  • Why wasn't Starbuck merely captured and tagged also?
  • What are the fates of other satellite colonies? What are the Cylons' plans for them?
  • Why not bomb the survivors from orbit with Pluton bombs and let them die out?

Noteworthy Dialogue

  • Stadra Ah Mun demands Starbuck remove his Centurion armor:
    Stadra Ah Mun: Fool—you can't use the Cylon husks as armor—! There are tracking systems imbedded throughout.
    Starbuck: Hehwell, of course there are. I was actually trying to be found so... so I could use them to... find a...
    Ah Mun: Just take it off.
    Starbuck: Usually, I like to wait till the second date for the rough stuff... but I can see this isn't going to be a traditional courtship.
  • Apollo and Serina discuss the need for mourning:
    Apollo: We promised that if we were going to become warriors we would never mourn each other if the worst happened. He wanted to make sure that if either of us died the other would stay strong in the knowledge that we fought for the good of humanity.
    Serina: You've kept the promise long enough, Apollo. I think you need to let some of it out. You've lost your friend, and deal or no, you need to mourn his passing.
    Apollo: No, I'll keep my promise. If I begin to mourn everyone I've lost... I'm afraid I'll never recover.
  • Stadra Ah Mun gives an impassioned and rousing speech to her fellow Maytorians:
    Why were we, a small satellite colony, hit so hard?!? I will tell youit is because we are a fierce and strong race and the Cylons needed to ensure that no Sagittarians survived to take revenge!
    Our mission is to find our way to Galactica, not for simple self-preservation, but so that we might rejoin the fray and show these souless monsters that they were right to fear us!

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