Cimtar (TOS)

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For information on Cimtar from the Re-imagined Series, see Cimtar (RDM).

The old moon Cimtar on a Viper's scanner (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

About Cimtar

Cimtar is a small moon. It is likely that Cimtar is positioned between the 12 main Colonies and Cylon space. However at the end of the Thousand-Yahren War neither side seems to have major facilities near or on the moon.

When passed by the Colonial peace mission Cimtar is covered by a cloud of fog. This fog did not affect the scanners of vipers in a considerable manner (Apollo wonders himself why the tankers jam the vipers of his patrol). However the fog covered the Cylon ambush fleet of raiders from the eyes of Apollo.

Role during the Destruction of the Colonies

Count Baltar arranges for a peace conference between the Cylon Empire and the Twelve Colonies. The signing of the peace is supposed to happen in or near the Cylon capital (Zac studied the coordinates to the Cylon capital).

Five of the remaining battlestars of the Colonies gather in anticipation of the end of the Thousand-Yahren War; Then they begin moving to the supposed place of the signing. The obvious route from the Colonies to the Cylon capital seems to lead through the space near Cimtar (the Colonials take the route, the Cylons ambush them at Cimtar).

The signing never takes place. Baltar's guidance of President Adar is revealed as part of an elaborate plan by the Cylons to ambush the battlestars and their homeworlds (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").


  • Even Adama didn't consider Cimtar as a thread for the peace mission. So it is not likely that there was major Cylon base.
  • If there had been a Cylon base the Cylons could have used the base to supply their ambush fleet of raiders (no tankers and no base ships needed).
  • If Apollo had expected mentionable Cylon facilities at Cimtar he wouldn't have allowed Zacs first patrol to take place there.
  • There can't have been any Colonial installations (base, listening outpost, recon probes, ...) at Cimtar: Their destruction would have been a precondition for the Cylon ambush at Cimtar (e.g. a listening outpost at Cimtar that went quiet suddenly would have alarmed Adama).
  • Why did the peace mission take a route so close near the moon Cimtar? Moving through empty space wouldn' t have cost much extra time but would have avoided any possible Cylon surprises.