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Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 2 12 a.k.a. "Days Without End"
Classic Battlestar Galactica Vol. 2 12 a.k.a. "Days Without End"
An issue of the Dynamite series.
Issue No. 12
Writer(s) Dan Abnett
Illustrator(s) Aneke
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Cover Artist(s) Livio Ramondelli (Main Cover)
Ken Haeser (Subscription Cover)
Adaptation of
Published April 16, 2014
Collected in
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Pages 32
ISBN 725130204622
Population 0 Survivors
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A day in the life aboard Galactica... as seen through the eyes of two of the smallest characters aboard: Boxey and his Daggit! What is life like for an innocent boy growing up in the strange, dangerous, exciting and often lonely world? An unusual and compelling take on life on Galactica![1]


  • Boxey and Muffit are playing in a section of Galactica's engineering section, with Boxey playing as a Colonial Warrior and Muffit playing a Cylon.
  • Colonel Tigh and two officers come across them, with Tigh admonishing Boxey for using the "grown-up word" pogees. Boxey replies that Starbuck uses the word, which reinforces Tigh's view of being all the more reason for Boxey not to use it.
  • After Boxey apologies for using the word, Tigh asks that Boxey and Muffit play elsewhere, noting both tylium radiation and containment failures that may happen in the engineering section. When asked where else would be safe to play, Tigh meekly suggests that Boxey is sure to find somewhere else to play.
  • With Boxey and Muffit out of ear shot, Tigh confides in Erikson that he didn't know how to answer the question. Erikson agrees.
  • Boxey and Muffit continue to run through Galactica's corridors, inevitably reaching Athena's quarters.
  • When Boxey notes that they're bored and would like her to play a game with her, Athena replies that she's due on duty. They cannot accompany her, but she believes they'll find somewhere else to play.
  • His love for Vipers drives him to the launch bay, where he finds Boomer, who is in a hurry to go somewhere. After a brief discussion, where Boomer suggests he find another place to play, Boomer rushes off and the two pursue him.
  • They end up in another area of the ship where Apollo is speaking during a funeral ceremony for fallen pilots Hightail, Luna, Spindrift, and Averlon. Boxey realizes the weight of the proceedings, and runs from the area, breaking down in tears.
  • Adama comes across the boy and his drone daggit, where Boxey reveals that he saw the memorial ceremony. Adama confirms Boxey's fears that the Warriors were killed in action, with Boxey replying that he needs to find a safe space to play... but cannot find one.
  • Adama brings him to core command (normally off-limits to the boy) for an "official inspection," and reveals to Boxey that there is a safe space to play: the Thirteenth Colony.
  • Boxey assures Adama that he'll be the one to find it when he becomes older.
  • Later, Boxey and Muffit return to their quarters for dinner. Apollo brings the prepared meal to the table, asking them what they did today, to which Boxey replies that they were doing "the usual."


Publication Releases[edit]

  • A version of this issue, the Battlestar Galactica #12 Exclusive Subscription Variant, released in December 2013. Per the publisher:
    A super-special, exclusive Ken Haeser "Li'l BSG" cover, only available to comic shop subscribers and limited to initial orders![2]



  • Boxey's confusion regarding Athena's disposition as a Colonial Warrior, as well as the distinction on whether or not a Warrior hinges on flying a Viper, is perhaps an understandable thing considering that Athena's roles seem to change depending from episode-to-episode.
    • In "Saga of a Star World," she is a shuttle pilot and core command operative. Later, in "Lost Planet of the Gods," she is trained with other shuttle pilots (all conspicuously female), and then later isn't seen in a Viper again. Her last appearance in "Greetings From Earth" is that of an educator of young children, used to shoehorn educational beats and exposition regarding alleged visitors from Earth.
  • Boxey's declaration that he'll be the one who finds Earth is a nod to the events of Galactica 1980.


  • The story focuses on Boxey and Muffit, two troublemakers who made their initial mark at the beginning of the saga, always finding their way into the most harrowing of situations. While this particular trope went away, this entry into the Dynamite Entertainment series plays into that theme, with a look at the world of Galactica through Boxey's eyes. Indeed, the search for somewhere to play aboard an inherently dangerous battleship, and the realization where no such place exists is a moment of both clarity and a growth opportunity for Boxey.
  • The fact that Galactica is devoid of child care centers aboard Galactica (or that such centers are insufficient for the needs of Galactica's children) is telling, despite the brief glimpses where there were other children aboard ship earlier in the series. In teh series proper, children aboard ship are inferred in "War of the Gods, Part II" when Boxey relays their needling of him following Apollo's decision to not participate in the triad game. Later, in the "instruction period" segment of "Greetings From Earth," a variety of children are seen participating in a classroom setting during discussion of the Lunar Avion's occupants. Coincidentally, "Greetings From Earth" is the last segment to feature the duo of Boxey and Muffit, barring a nod to it in "Galactica Discovers Earth" from Galactica 1980.


  • Is Galactica devoid of child care facilities?

Noteworthy Dialogue[edit]

Adama: What are you doing here? Boxey, are you crying?
Boxey: Everyone was sad. There were people in caskets. They were dead, weren't they?
Adama: Oh, the memorial service. Yes, Boxey, they were brave Warriors who had given their lives to protect us.
Boxey: Because war is dangerous?
Adama: Yes, Boxey.

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