Coker Fasjovik

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Coker Fasjovik
Coker Fasjovik


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Colony Aerilon
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Introduced Blood and Chrome
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Marital Status Married to Katie
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Portrayed by Ben Cotton
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Junior Lieutenant Coker Fasjovik is a Raptor ECO (electronic countermeasures officer) serving the Colonial Fleet during the tenth year of the First Cylon War.


Drafted into the Colonial Fleet immediately after graduating from the University of Aerilon, and having served two tours of duty, Fasjovik has become emotionally worn by the war, and is openly contemptuous of inexperience and optimism in the face of the long and violent conflict. He is saddled with Ensign William Adama as the pilot of his Raptor, Wild Weasel, upon the young ensign's assignment to Galactica. Fasjovik actively despises Adama's gung-ho nature and rebukes Adama's attempts to befriend him, even declaring his previous pilot, who was killed in combat, an "asshole" who was nevertheless worth "ten huskers like" Adama.

Fasjovik is relieved when Commander Silas Nash gives him and his new pilot a "milk run" to deliver cargo, as he only has forty-seven days remaining in his (mandatory) second tour of duty. However, much to Fasjovik's chagrin, the "milk run" is a pretense for a classified mission deep in Cylon space involving Becca Kelly, a computer programmer who refined the Cylons' artificial intelligence before the start of the war.

During an assignment on Djerba, Fasjovik eventually realizes that Kelly is hiding something, and forces her at gunpoint to reveal her plan. She dupes him into believing that she intends to infect the Cylon computer network with a virus. However, as Kelly works, Fasjovik sees information about Colonial warships being uploaded. Realizing that she is betraying the hidden "ghost fleet" of Colonial ships being prepared for a surprise attack, he shoots her, but before he and Adama can leave the Cylon facility, he is in turn shot by Kelly. Adama destroys the communications array and stops the upload after Kelly runs out of ammo. Fasjovik and Adama help one another to escape, and are soon found by a SAR Raptor. His wounds heal, and with a new sense of respect and friendship for Adama, plans to finish off his remaining six weeks in the service.

Private Life[edit]

Fasjovik's father was a mining engineer who later became a professor at Promethea A & M. Despite this family connection, Fasjovik elected to attend the University of Aerilon, first intending to be a playwright, then later deciding to study music and becoming a skilled pianist. While taking shelter at an abandoned ski lodge on Djerba, he plays on a grand piano, and laments to Ensign Adama about the rarity of such opportunities in his life. He also has a wife, Katie, but is reluctant to discuss her. Before passing out from his wounds, he gives Adama a photo of her for safe keeping (Blood and Chrome, deleted scenes).