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Holoband representation of Djerba.

Djerba is a moon located in Sector 12, used by the Colonials as a winter resort prior to the Cylon War.

Early in the war, Djerba is captured by Cylon forces and converted to a strategic outpost and research base. Due to its location within Cylon-held space, it is lightly fortified by at least one basestar within FTL jump distance and a contingent of Centurions.

Despite its relative lack of defenses, Djerba is considered pivotal in turning the war toward victory for the Colonials. Ten years into the conflict, a secret mission is launched from the Colonial "ghost fleet," led by the battlestar Osiris. Though Osiris is destroyed in battle with a Cylon baseship, the crew of Raptor Wild Weasel survives the campaign, crashing on Djerba and trekking on foot to rendezvous with Colonial Marines already operating on the moon. The crew are able to use the moon's automated communications array to ostensibly upload a virus to blind the Cylons, but in reality Becca Kelly uses it to upload the location of the "ghost fleet". The array is destroyed, but the information provided tricks the Cylons and helps make the Ghost Fleet Offensive a major victory.

During this period, Djerba is used by the Cylons in their attempt at creating biological forms. As part of this effort, the Cylons create cybernetic hybrids of indigenous animals, including a cave-dwelling snake (TRS: "Blood and Chrome").


  • Djerba is an island off the coast of Tunisia. According to legend, Djerba is the island of the lotus-eaters described in Homer's Odyssey, who spent their days in a drugged stupor. Odysseus forced his crew back to his ship, fearing they'd succumb to the same lethargy and never wish to leave.