Fidelia Fazekas

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Fidelia Fazekas
Fidelia Fazekas


Colony Tauron
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Introduced The Heavens Will Rise
Parents The Guatrau
Siblings Brother†
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Role Ha'la'tha member
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Portrayed by Carmen Moore
Fidelia Fazekas is a Cylon
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Fidelia Fazekas was a member of the Ha'la'tha crime syndicate on Caprica and the daughter of the Guatrau. Fazekas once had a romantic relationship with Joseph Adama during his marriage to Shannon Adama (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise," "Here Be Dragons")

Following her release on probation from Caprica City Maximum Security Prison, Fazekas joined Sam and Joseph Adama in their work at Graystone Industries. Noticing the disappearance of two in every two-dozen U-87 Cyber Combat Units smuggled by the Ha'la'tha to the Soldiers of the One on Gemenon, Fazekas questioned her former lover, Joseph Adama, on the discrepancy. Joseph - secretly skimming U-87s for use in the new Tauron uprising - quickly came up with a cover story; however, Fezakas was unconvinced (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

Going to her father, Fezakas urged the Guatrau to take action and secured - however reluctantly - permission to have Sam and Joseph Adama eliminated, sending Francis to the Adama home to do the job (CAP: "Here Be Dragons"). This attack and another failed to eliminate the Adama brothers, but accidentally took the life of Willie Adama, Joseph's son. Fezakas visited the Adamas under a declared truce. Rather than taking vengeance on Fezakas, Joseph suggested that she help him to confront the Guatrau instead of risking a war within the Ha'la'tha, an offer that Fezakas accepted. During a V-world meeting between the Guatrau and Joseph, Fezakas ordered her father to be killed, but allowed Joseph to finish him off. Joseph placed the dead Guatrau's ring on Fezakas' finger and knelt before her in fealty, formally recognizing her as the next Guatrau (CAP: "Apotheosis").

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