Tomas Vergis

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Tomas Vergis
Tomas Vergis


Colony Tauron
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Introduced Know Thy Enemy
Death Suicide (with the involvement of Daniel Graystone)
Siblings At least one sister[1]
At least one brother[2]
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Role Computer engineer; CEO of Vergis Corporation; creator of the Meta-Cognitive Processor; CEO of Graystone Industries
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Portrayed by John Pyper-Ferguson
Tomas Vergis is a Cylon
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Tomas Vergis is a Tauron computer scientist and competitor of Daniel Graystone in YR42. Like Daniel, he leads his own computer and robotics corporation, the Vergis Corporation.

In his early years, the Tauron national was educated Caprica and acclimated himself to Caprican life, although he maintained his allegiance to Tauron throughout the majority of his life (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy").

A Hand in the Cylon

After his daughter's death in a suicide bombing, Daniel, with the help of Tauron attorney Joseph Adama and his brother Sam Adama, steal Vergis's technology, a meta-cognitive processor (MCP) in order to revive their daughters in robotic bodies, thus creating the first Cylons. Vergis does not take legal action against Daniel or his company, although rumors and suspicions about the theft circulate within the Caprican Ministry of Defense (CAP: Caprica pilot).

Approximately a month and a half after the bombing, Vergis arrives on Caprica and personally confronts Daniel about the theft, informing him that two of his employees―close relatives and friends on Tauron―were murdered in the process. Soon afterward, he offers to buy the Caprica Buccaneers pyramid team from Daniel, reminding him that his company is short on cash and that an infusion of liquidity from the team's sale would give them time to resolve problems with U-87 development. The offer to buy the C-Bucs, however, is revealed to be the first step in a personal vendetta against Graystone for the theft and murders, to strip him of the things he loves and ultimately "tear up your dream."

During this trip, Vergis makes time for a public relations campaign, appearing as a guest on Backtalk with Baxter Sarno and surprising the audience with news that he will permanently relocate to Caprica and apply for Caprican citizenship (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy").

Some time later, Vergis visits Amanda Graystone, and tells her about the crimes and her husband's involvement in them (CAP: "Ghosts in the Machine"). After initially denying it, the information horrifies her and threatens both her marriage and her emotional stability.

Recognizing that the U-87 relies upon stolen technology and that Graystone Industries will be unable to meet its deadline for delivery of one hundred thousand copies of the robot, Colonel Sasha Patel formally offers Vergis the contract for U-87 production, paving the way for him to become the corporation's CEO (CAP: "End of Line"). As the new public face of Graystone Industries, Vergis proudly boasts the now-successful mass production of U-87s. Behind the scenes, he continues to strip away Daniel's influence over the corporation by, among other things, ordering the destruction of the ruined prototype U-87 (CAP: "Unvanquished"). Vergis' successes are not enough to preserve his position as CEO. A blackmail campaign orchestrated by Daniel and the Ha'la'tha convinces the board of directors to vote unanimously against him in favor of Daniel (CAP: "Things We Lock Away").

Vergis quickly recognizes the hand of the Ha'la'tha in his overthrow, and knows that the crime syndicate will eventually kill him. He visits Daniel and asks for his help in ending his life at a time and manner of his own choosing. For a moment, Vergis seems to agree to Daniel's proposal of an alliance in resisting the Ha'la'tha, but when Daniel relaxes and steps closer to him, Vergis takes advantage of the moment, forces Daniel's hand onto the grip of a knife, and pushes the blade into his own chest (CAP: "Things We Lock Away").


  • Although reported in various sites that Vergis would be played by Roger R. Cross, he is absent in both the finished pilot and the accompanying deleted scenes. Spoiler TV published a casting call for Vergis indicating that the character was to be introduced in the episode "Know Thy Enemy," which later proved accurate.[3] However, the casting of Roger Cross seem to have been legitimate as can be viewed on Cross's official (albeit outdated) site. There was even a still from the pilot featuring Vergis as portrayed by Cross displayed at Syfy's official Caprica gallery, but has since been removed.[4] [5]


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  2. Daniel Graystone alludes to an unnamed brother potentially taking revenge for Tomas Vergis' execution at the hands of the Ha'la'tha, in "Things We Lock Away".
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