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Colony Gemenon
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Introduced Unvanquished
Death Shot by Devanna
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Role Soldiers of the One training camp leader
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Portrayed by Ryan Robbins
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Diego was a leader in the Soldiers of the One training camps on Gemenon in the years before the First Cylon War.

He was present on Gemenon when Clarice Willow attended the conclave meeting at the Monotheist Church retreat. When Willow's notion of Apotheosis was rejected by conclave member Obal Ferras, Diego was ordered to kill Willow. However, Willow was able to bring Diego to her side, convincing him that the church had lost its way and reminding him of the time - 10 years prior - when STO were considered saviors of monotheism. When the time came to eliminate Willow, Diego turned his knife on Obal Ferras, murdering him in view of the Holy Mother (CAP: "Unvanquished").

Later, Diego rounded up STO recruits at the spaceport on Gemenon and brought them aboard the ship headed to the retreat. Once aboard, the recruits - including Lacy Rand - were subjected to a seemingly real scenario in which the ship was hijacked by polytheist rebels who murdered Diego. Assessing their reaction to the scenario and the recruits' willingness to denounce God in order the survive, Diego later revealed the deception to the new STO and welcomed them to the training camp (CAP: "Blowback").

At the camp, Diego is disturbed to learn of an incident involving Lacy Rand giving orders to a U-87 robot soldier smuggled to Gemenon by the Ha'la'tha. Questioning her in his living quarters, Diego comes up with no answers and allows Lacy to leave. Mother, however, comes to visit Diego in his "rustic" tent, telling him in veiled terms to kill Rand and giving him Obal Ferras' ring (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

Odin Sinclair then brings Rand to the disused temple, where he should kill her, but he hesitates. As then appear Diego and Kevin Reikle, Sinclair pretends to prepare to shoot Rand, but instead he tries to shoot Diego and Reikle, only to find out that his gun is not loaded. Diego starts to ridicule Sinclair for his failure, but before he can shoot Rand himself, he and Reikle are ambushed by the other new Recruits and killed in the ensuing firefight (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").