Goldie's Off Track Betting

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Exterior: Goldie's Off Track Betting, Caprica City.

Goldie's Off Track Betting was a betting parlor located in the Little Tauron section of Caprica City in the years before the Fall. It was also a hub of activity for the Tauron crime syndicate the Ha'la'tha and its confederate Samuel Adama.

Composed of the main establishment and a large back room where Ha'la'tha members including Frankie and even occasionally the Guatrau himself would meet. Television screens displaying footage of horse races as well as shows like Backtalk with Baxter Sarno were located in the backroom along with tables for games of Triad.

A young Willie Adama was briefly employed at Goldie's, influenced by his uncle Sam Adama to skip school and learn the ways of Tauron men. Willie was later killed by a stray bullet at Goldie's after the Guatrau called for the killing of Sam and Willie's father, Joseph Adama (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall" and "Here Be Dragons").

Joseph Adama created a virtual version of Goldie's as a place to meet the Guatrau who communicated with Adama from the real location and was soon murdered there, retribution for the death of Willie Adama (CAP: "Apotheosis").

Goldie's was a real location in Vancouver, British Columbia, filmed at the corner Gore Avenue and Powell Street, a few blocks south of the Little Tauron street exteriors seen in "Rebirth". [1]