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Introduced Blowback
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Role Soldiers of the One recruit
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Portrayed by Eva Allan
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Devanna is a devout monotheist and young recruit of the Soldiers of the One, training on Gemenon alongside Lacy Rand, Odin Sinclair and Lexon.

She is among those who are unwittingly subjected to a simulated hijacking aboard the jump ship transporting new recruits to the monotheist compound in the Gemenese mountains. Unlike fellow recruit Cass, who breaks down under pressure, Devanna is defiant and openly praises the One True God in the face of "polytheist rebels". Refusing to renounce her god, Devanna is "shot" and a dummy is dumped out an airlock in place of her dead body. When the simulation ends, Devanna continues to the Monad retreat and is present at a cocktail party thrown in the recruits' honor (CAP: "Blowback").

Devanna is later present for training under Kevin Reikle at the STO training camp where Lacy Rand demonstrates her inexplicable ability to control a stolen Cylon soldier (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise"). Later she smokes coto with Rand and Odin Sinclair as the new recruits discuss their belief in the singular god, saying "God is love". Despite her religious conviction, Devanna aids Lexon and Sinclair in saving Lacy Rand from suspicious STO leadership. Shooting trainers Riekle and Diego, Devanna is prepared to escape the training camp aboard the jump ship, but remains with Rand as she orders the STO's Cylons and overthrows the Monad Church (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").