Kevin Reikle

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Kevin Reikle
Kevin Reikle


Colony Gemenon
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Introduced Blowback
Death Shot by Lexon
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Role Soldiers of the One training camp leader
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Portrayed by Chris Heyerdahl
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Kevin Reikle was the praetor of the Soldiers of the One, the second in command serving in the Monotheist Church's training camp on Gemenon under Diego.

Reikle took part in the simulated hijacking of the suborbital transport carrying STO recruits including Lacy Rand and Odin Sinclair to the Monotheist retreat. Posing as a polytheist rebel, Reikle gave the recruits an option: renounce the "One True God" or be killed and tossed out an airlock. Unwilling to stand idly by, Lacy Rand took action, severely beating Reikle with a piece of pipe before Diego stepped in to reveal the deception to the recruits (CAP: "Blowback").

Reikle later welcomed Rand and Sinclair to the STO and began his duties in the training camp, instructing a group of recruits in the subtleties of mortars (CAP: "Blowback" and "The Heavens Will Rise").

Witnessing her ability to control the STO's black market U-87 Cyber Combat Units, Reikle, with Diego, enlisted Odin Sinclair to execute Lacy Rand. When the time came, however, Sinclair turned his weapon on Reikle and Diego who had given him an unloaded pistol. Reikle and Diego were unaware, though, that several other recruits, including Lexon, were lying in wait, opening fire and killing Reikle and Diego (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise" and "Here Be Dragons").