Odin Sinclair

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Odin Sinclair
Odin Sinclair


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Introduced Blowback
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Role Soldiers of the One recruit
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Portrayed by Ryan Kennedy
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Odin Sinclair was a young recruit of the Soldiers of the One terror group.

A nonbeliever himself, Sinclair's parents were staunch monotheists, hiring men to render their son unconscious and transport him to Gemenon. On Gemenon, Sinclair met Lacy Rand and the two traveled aboard a jump ship to the monotheist retreat where the STO trained its members. Enroute to the retreat, though, a group of polytheist rebels boarded the jump ship and held the recruits hostage, giving them the option to renounce their "One True God" or face execution. Sinclair and Rand planned to take action, but when the situation came to a head, it was Rand who acted, attacking the lead hijacker, Kevin Reikle, and forcing STO leader Diego to step in and reveal the situation to be a test. At the Monotheist retreat, Sinclair and Rand were welcomed by Reikle and Diego at a reception and dinner for the new recruits. However, Sinclair and Rand were shocked to see the recruits that had failed the test put to death by firing squad - a sign to Sinclair of exactly what the STO was capable of (CAP: "Blowback").

As an unwilling participant in the STO training, Sinclair was not afraid of the consequences of possessing contraband such as illicit drugs and a holoband in the dormitory. He used the band in his spare time to have simulated sex with Rand (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise"). During a training session, he witnessed Rand exert control over one of the STO's U-87 soldier robots. Sinclair was just as surprised by this as everyone else, and tried to question Rand about her ability. Rand began kissing Sinclair in order to avoid questions that she was unwilling or unable to answer, and Sinclair relented (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

Sinclair later approached Riekle and Diego, telling the STO trainers that he did not want to be involved in whatever conflict arose from Rand's influence over the U-87s. Intrigued by Sinclair's position, Reikle and Diego enlisted Sinclair to kill Rand. When the time came to execute her, Sinclair turned his gun on Reikle and Diego and attempted to shoot them, but the gun was not loaded. Reikle and Diego threatened him at gunpoint, but were caught off guard when several other recruits appeared and killed the two men. Sinclair and the other rebellious recruits prepared to escape Gemenon, but stayed when Rand offered another idea - activating the squad of U-87s and commanding them to follow her (CAP: "Here Be Dragons). Rand subsequently staged a coup over the leadership of the monotheist church and took on the position of Blessed Mother of the monotheist church, with Sinclair serving as her lieutenant. (CAP: "Apotheosis".)