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Colony Caprica
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Introduced False Labor
Death Killed by a U-87 Cyber Combat Unit under control of Sam Adama
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Role Ha'la'tha gun-runner
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Portrayed by Ben Cotton
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Atreus is a member of the Tauron crime syndicate Ha'la'tha in the years prior to the Cylon War. Atreus and his men claim the gun trade in Caprica City, operating independently of the Guatrau.

Some fifty-eight years before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies, Atreus and his men take reprisal on Sam Adama when Adama threatens their trade by shipping weapons to aid in the second Tauron Uprising. Atreus shoots and kills Adama's cohort, Demos, but allows Adama to live, confiscating his weapons and giving him a message for the Guatrau.

Later, as Atreus and his men celebrate at the Skybar, a U-87 soldier robot under the control of Adama storms the club and opens fire, killing Atreus and his men (CAP: "False Labor").