William "Willie" Adama

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William "Willie" Adama
William "Willie" Adama


Age 11 (approx. at time of death)
Colony Caprica, of Tauron descent
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Birth Name William Adama
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Nickname Willie
Introduced Caprica pilot
Death Killed by a member of the Ha'la'tha
Parents Joseph Adama (father)
Shannon Adama † (mother)
Siblings Tamara Adama (sister) †
William Adama (half-brother)
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Sina Najafi
William "Willie" Adama is a Cylon
William "Willie" Adama is a Final Five Cylon
William "Willie" Adama is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
William "Willie" Adama is an Original Series Cylon
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[[Image:|200px|William "Willie" Adama]]
William "Willie" Adama at age 11 in Caprica

William "Willie" Adama (formerly Capricanized as William Adams) is the only son from Joseph Adama's first marriage to Shannon Adama. Adama is named after his deceased grandfather.

Born on Caprica in 69 BCH, his father was a Tauron immigrant and an attorney specializing in criminal defense and civil liberties with ties to the Ha'la'tha (TRS: "Litmus," "Hero"; (CAP: "Pilot")). Both his mother and his sister, Tamara, died in a suicide bombing on the Maglev 23 when he was 11. Because of anti-Tauron prejudice, Adama's father assumed the more Caprican-sounding surname Adams, but eventually the family reverted to the original Tauron name after 58 BCH (CAP: "Pilot").

After the death of both his mother and sister, Adama becomes estranged from his father, who is indirectly involved with the creation of the Cylons after his uncle, Sam Adama, violently secures the meta-cognitive processor (CAP: "Pilot" and "Know Thy Enemy"). As a result of this estrangement, Sam assumes a parental role in Adama's life, much to his father's chagrin, and as a result becomes rebellious (CAP: "Rebirth", "Reins of a Waterfall" and "There is Another Sky"). His grandmother, Ruth, encourages Adama's pursuit of his Tauron culture, even offering him uncharacteristically chilling advice in the process (CAP: "Pilot", "Gravedancing" and "There is Another Sky").

He and his father later undergo a Tauron ritual that is meant to deal with the loss of loved ones, and this seems to aid in the reconciliation between them (CAP: "There is Another Sky"). At the time, he is unaware that his father had Daniel Graystone create an avatar of his dead sister; he knew they were friends, but is oblivious to the circumstances that putrified this friendship (CAP: "Gravedancing").

When the Guatrau's daughter, Fidelia Fazekas, discovers that Joseph and Sam are smuggling U-87 Cyber Combat Units to the Tauron resistance fighters, she reveals the betrayal to her father which leads to his order for their execution. After a failed assassination attempt thwarted by Ruth, Sam and Joseph take Willie and Evelyn Adama, and plan on hiding. When Sam and Joseph go to retrieve the money stashed away at the Tauron restaurant Sam works out from, they run into Ha'la'tha soldiers. During the ensuing fight, Willie runs to help his father and uncle, and is mortally wounded as a stray bullet goes through his hand and into his stomach during the short-lived firefight. Willie dies within minutes in Sam's hands (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").

The "William Adama" name lives on in his half-brother from the marriage of Joseph and Evelyn Adama: "Bill" Adama, who would later be known as "Husker" and would become the last commander of the battlestar Galactica (CAP: "Apotheosis"; the Re-imagined Battlestar Galactica series proper).

Family Tree

William Adama Sr.
Isabelle Adama
Sam Adama
Evelyn Adama
Joseph Adama
Shannon Adama
Carolanne Adama
William "Bill" Adama
Tamara Adama
William "Willie" Adama
Zak Adama
Lee Adama
Anastasia Dualla