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Colony Canceron
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Introduced Blowback
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Portrayed by Luc Roderique
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Lexon is a young recruit of the Soldiers of the One from Canceron, participating in training on Gemenon at the same time as Lacy Rand, Odin Sinclair and Devanna.

When the transport carrying Lexon and several other new recruits to the monotheist retreat is apparently hijacked by polytheist rebels, Lexon communicates with Odin Sinclair using hand signals to plan to retake the ship. When the situation comes to a head and Lacy Rand is the one to initiate hand-to-hand combat with the hijackers, Lexon joins in the fight, only to discover the entire situation to be a scenario fabricated by the STO trainers. Having passed the test, Lexon attends a cocktail party at the retreat with Rand and Sinclair - unaware that those who failed the test, like Cass, are being executed not far away (CAP: "Blowback").

Sometime later, Lexon fails to salute a senior officer at the STO training camp. Called out on his failure to follow protocol, Lexon fights back, forcing his senior officer to order his execution by one of the black market U-87 Cyber Combat Units serving the STO. Lacy Rand, however, intervenes, ordering the U-87 to stand down and preventing it from taking further orders from its STO commanders (CAP: "The Heavens Will Rise").

Lexon is later among the new recruits who double crosses STO leadership Diego and Kevin Reikle, shooting them in order to prevent Lacy Rand's execution. Lexon also takes part in Rand's eventual overthrow of Monad leadership (CAP: "Here Be Dragons").

In the credits for "Blowback", Lexon is credited as Dex, though he is only referred to as "Canceron" in dialogue. His name was subsequently changed in both dialogue and in the credits for his further two appearances.