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Greenbean and Giles shows the ale and ambrosa he swiped for Apollo's party (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I").

Ale is an alcoholic beverage, sometimes bottled, and presumably similar to Earth ale, a form of beer.

Both Greenbean and Giles pilfers a quantity of ale—as well as some ambrosa—from the Officer's Mess for Apollo's sendoff party before Apollo's marriage to Serina. Security notices its absence and investigates the party, but is ultimately sent away by Colonel Tigh, who covers for them (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I").

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Starbuck and Cassiopeia drink ambrosa aboard Rising Star (TOS: "The Long Patrol").

Ambrosa is an expensive alcoholic intoxicant, either golden or red in color (TOS: "The Long Patrol," "Murder on the Rising Star").

The rarity of the beverage makes it valuable amongst the survivors of the Twelve Colonies; even during the war, 500-yahren-old ambrosa was not believed to exist.[1]

Ambrosa is bottled in flute-style bottles[2] with plastic corks.

Starbuck imagines being rich after finding many storage bins filled with ambrosa on Proteus, a penal colony that made ambrosa for the Colonial war effort. Were it not for the Cylon attack on Proteus, he would have become quite wealthy (TOS: "The Long Patrol").


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  1. Starbuck first estimates that the bottle found on Robber's stolen shuttle was 50 yahrens old, giving an idea—as well as an upper limit—of the rarity of older vintages on the Colonies in the yahrens before the end of the war (TOS: "The Long Patrol").
  2. This style of bottle, the flûtes d'Alsace, is commonly associated with Alsace wines and is likely the basis of the original props used in the episode.
  3. Kraus, Bruce (1979). Encyclopedia Galactica, p. 13.
Sire Uri lays out his disarmament ideas over a glass of grog (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").

Grog is an alcoholic beverage, probably a mixture of ale and something stronger, served in bars and Officer's Clubs. When Sire Uri starts talking about disarming the Fleet, Apollo comments that he hopes it's the grog talking (TOS: "Saga of a Star World").


  • Grog typically refers to an alcoholic beverage made from weak beer (or even water) and rum. It was standard issue on British Royal Navy vessels for over two centuries.

Homemade buzzer is an alcoholic beverage which Bootes and Martin drank the night before Martin and Vella's wedding (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").


  • According to the non-canonical Encyclopedia Galactica, "buzzer" is the general term given to a variety of alcoholic beverages native to the "outer Colonial provinces," essentially a form of moonshine made of local plant life and "usually aged less than one yahren". Judging from the connotations in "The Lost Warrior," with its Western-type setting, this view is consistent with the aired information, although the book provides additional details that are not canonically sourceable. For example, "excessive consumption" of this substance is a "serious medical and social problem in these lonely outposts, though no cure has been found".[1]


  1. Kraus, Bruce (1979). Encyclopedia Galactica, p. p. 25. Note: Page number reflects the numbering in the PDF file linked to at the article on the book, and not in the book itself, the pages of which were not individually numbered.
Vignon is an alcoholic beverage served on Equellus.

Apollo orders this beverage prior to his encounter with Lacerta's lackey, Marco, in the nearby town bar. During his conversation with Red-Eye, the Cylon Centurion under Lacerta's control, Apollo comments that the Cylon wasn't missing out on the drink, despite the fact that he orders another at Lacerta's table (TOS: "The Lost Warrior"). Judging from its name, it is apparently intended to be interpreted as a form of wine by the audience.

The ambrosia flows richly during the Tighs' reunion dinner
(TRS: "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down").

Ambrosia is a common intoxicating alcoholic beverage, typically green in color. At least two different variations are known to exist, one favored by Capricans and others favored by Scorpia, dating back to at least 100 BCH (1900BYR).


Laura Roslin begins to pass an ambrosia bottle to an intoxicated Ellen Tigh (TRS: "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down").

Ellen Tigh presents a bottle of ambrosia to her husband, Colonel Tigh, after they have reunited (TRS: "Tigh Me Up, Tigh Me Down").

During a documentary on the military of the Fleet conducted by D'Anna Biers, an inebriated, cigarette-smoking Felix Gaeta reveals a tattoo and comments: "Ambrosia's good with a chaser. And if you have enough ambrosia―didn't really hurt that much" (TRS: "Final Cut").

The luxury liner Cloud Nine offered ambrosia as a bar side drink (TRS: "Colonial Day").

John Cavil would imbibe on the drink in a flask while pretending to be a Brother aboard Galactica, as it appeared to have the same affect on humanoid Cylons (TRS: "The Plan").


Clarice Willow presents Amanda Graystone with an old bottle of Scorpion Marsh Genuine Ambrosia (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory").

Per the label set on the mainstay Ambrosia bottle, Ambrosia was produced in the Bliffe Sector by the Stanford Distillery for at least 100 years. It also appears to have been made with prison labor[1].

Scorpion Marsh Genuine Ambrosia is a particularly expensive brand circa 58 BCH. The majority of Capricans dislike this brand due to its potency and the belief that it smells like sulfur (CAP: "Know Thy Enemy"). Sister Clarice Willow presents a bottle to Amanda Graystone as a gift (CAP: "The Imperfections of Memory").

The actual labels from the bottle used on the show.


  • In Greek mythology, ambrosia was said to be the food of the Olympian gods, made out of nectar, conferring immortality on those who ate it.


  1. Given the humorous tone of the entire label this might just be an in-joke by the production team that isn't supposed to be taken literally. The joke itself may be a nod to "The Long Patrol," an Original Series episode, where ambrosa was made by prisoners on the penal colony of Proteus.

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A bottle of Hawryliw before its use in the assault of Lee Adama (TRS: "Colonial Day").

Hawryliw is the brand name for a beer of the Twelve Colonies, existing as early as 42YR and into the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Its production and distribution originate from Vislovka, Leonis.

Francis and various Ha'la'tha enforcers partake in this refreshment during a gambling session in the restaurant that Sam Adama works from. After discovering that Willie Adama was hiding out at the restaurant, Sam admonishes Willie for the improper manner in which he exercised truancy from school, then gave him a Hawyrliw (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall").

In 1 ACH, Leon Grimes uses a Hawyrliw bottle to attack Lee Adama aboard Cloud 9, after Adama asks for Tom Zarek's speech to be turned off from the bar's wireless. To end the fight, Kara Thrace kicks this bottle over to Adama while pursing Valance, and Adama uses this bottle to great effect in a similar manner to a flashlight, but without the deadly result (TRS: "Colonial Day").


Lethe and Hawryliw props auctioned off in the studio-sanctioned auctions circa 2011.
The bottle (Flight of the Phoenix).

Leonis Estates Sparkling Wine is a sparkling wine that was produced on the colony of Leonis.

The Blackbird is christened with a bottle of it by Laura Roslin (TRS: "Flight of the Phoenix").

Kara Thrace uses such a bottle to pour Louanne Katraine her first top gun mug and then toasts Galactica's fallen pilots with it (TRS: "Scar").

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  • A bar code is visible on the other side of the bottle.
The label (Maelstrom)

Virgon Brew is the brand name of a type of beer available on Caprica. A bottle of it can be seen in Socrata Thrace's apartment (TRS: "Maelstrom").


  • The bottle's shape and label style is reminiscent of a microbrewery.

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