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For the character from Richard Hatch's continuation works, see: Giles (TOS-RH).


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Introduced Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I
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Role Colonial Warrior, Viper pilot, Galactica
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Portrayed by Larry Manetti
Giles is a Cylon
Giles is a Final Five Cylon
Giles is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Giles is an Original Series Cylon
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Giles is a friendly, short, but easy to anger Viper pilot on Galactica.

While attending a bachelor party for Captain Apollo, he is one of the many pilots infected with the mysterious virus brought back by Lieutenant Boomer (TOS: "Lost Planet of the Gods, Part I"). He is fond of alcoholic beverages and gambling, like Lieutenant Starbuck (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").

When Cadet Cree is deemed MIA, Giles is sent to pack Cree's personal effects, however Starbuck forcibly convinces Giles to abandon this task (TOS: "The Gun on Ice Planet Zero, Part I").