New Caprican leaf

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Roslin and Adama enjoying a smoke.

New Caprican leaf[1] refers to a mildy-psychotropic plant indigenous to New Caprica.

It is seen briefly, being smoked by Admiral Adama and Laura Roslin during the New Caprica groundbreaking ceremony. When Adama asks Roslin about the plant, she confirms that it grows wild in the area. Adama and Roslin take effort to hide their enjoyment of the drug from Felix Gaeta, who may not have approved of such recreational drugs (TRS: "Unfinished Business").

Adama and Roslin also enjoy another smoking interlude after she is confined to sickbay in the last stages of cancer. Roslin kept a cigar of the leaf secreted away in one of her books (TRS: "Islanded in a Stream of Stars"). The two smoke the leaf while discussing Galactica's deterioration.


  • RDM confirmed its psychotropic status in the podcast for "Unfinished Business"[2].
  • RDM uses the term "joint" when referring to the plant in the podcast for "A Day in the Life". He also notes a scene that was planned, but never shot, of Roslin smoking some of the leaf she had saved from New Caprica[3]. A similar scene actually takes place in "Islanded in a Stream of Stars".
  • Considering its relatively quick application into familiar weed cigarettes and cigars by Roslin and presumably other New Capricans, New Caprican leaf may be related to coto as seen in Caprica or similar plants on Kobol and the Twelve Colonies. No information is available on whether the plant is a true weed or a parallel to the real-world Earth substance colloquially referred to as "weed" or "marijuana."


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