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Birth place Equellus
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Introduced The Lost Warrior
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Siblings Bootes
Children Puppis
Marital Status Widow of Martin
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Role Rancher
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Portrayed by Katherine Cannon
Vella is a Cylon
Vella is a Final Five Cylon
Vella is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Vella is an Original Series Cylon
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Vella is a human resident of Equellus, a low-tech agrarian planet.

Vella lives on a ranch raising ovines, next door to a ranch belonging to her brother, Bootes.

In the past, Vella met a Colonial Warrior named Martin, who had crash landed on Equellus. She nursed the marooned warrior back to health, after which they fell in love and were married. They had a son together, named Puppis.

Soon after Puppis' birth, however, Martin was killed by Red-Eye, a likewise-marooned Cylon Centurion. Vella came to abhor violence and guns, which had taken her husband's life. Like the other oppressed ranchers, she unwillingly paid a monthly "tribute" to Red-Eye, who had become a pawn of Lacerta, a bully and strong arm man.

When Apollo's Viper ran out of fuel and crash lands on Equellus, Vella helps hide him from Red-Eye, who comes investigating the noise of Apollo's landing. She feeds Apollo and gives him appropriate clothing to mix in with the town folk so he can investigate Red-Eye and Lacerta.

Later, Vella reveals to Apollo the whole story of her late husband, despite the pain brought on by the memories. When she learns that her brother Bootes has appeared in town drunk, looking to pick a fight with Red-Eye, she asks Apollo to help. Although he doesn't arrive in time to save Bootes' life, Apollo is able to destroy Red-Eye, freeing Vella and the others from Lacertas' evil reign.

Despite the fact that Vella develops feelings for Apollo, Vella shows him the location of Martin's crashed Viper, enabling Apollo's return to Galactica. Vella is last seen staring up at the stars with her son, just as her husband had done yahrens earlier, wondering if she will ever see Apollo again (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").