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Introduced Murder on the Rising Star
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Role Chief Opposer in Starbuck's trial
Rank Sire
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Portrayed by Brock Peters
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Sire Solon is the Fleet's Chief Opposer: the prosecutor attempting to confirm Starbuck's guilt in the termination of the widely disliked Flight Sergeant Ortega.

Solon seems quite certain that Starbuck is guilty, as everything appears to add up. Cassiopeia and Solon, at different times during the trial, attempt to get Starbuck to plead that Ortega's death was the result of self-defense, given that Ortega's weapon was drawn.

However, Starbuck chooses not to accept the plea, for a self-defense plea would boot him from the military just as would a life-sentence.

Testimony about the crime overheard from Karibdis (alias Pallon) proves Starbuck's innocence in the matter. Solon takes the loss professionally (TOS: "Murder on the Rising Star").