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External view of the Proteus prison complex.
For the person using this name as a codename, see: Karibdis.

Proteus is a prison planetoid established by the Colonies some 700 yahren prior to the Battle of Cimtar, where criminals (and their descendants) serve their time making munitions and ambrosa. When the munitions ran out, the prisoners continue to create ambrosa, believing that they were helping the Colonies in the war effort against the Cylons.

Prisoners are named for their crime (Embezzler, Forger, Adulteress, Assault) as well as a number for identification purposes. Descendants of the criminals inherit the name/crime of their parents but increment the number, which itself is placed on a colored armband.

The prisoners who originally were sentenced to the prison were known as the Original Sinner. The prison is overseen by the enforcers, who are descendants of the staff who were originally in charge of overseeing the Original Sinners (TOS: "The Long Patrol").