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Introduced The Lost Warrior
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Portrayed by Claude Earl Jones
Lacerta is a Cylon
Lacerta is a Final Five Cylon
Lacerta is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
Lacerta is an Original Series Cylon
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Lacerta is a human resident of Equellus, a low-tech agrarian planet.

Lacerta's origins and vocation are unknown. He was fortunate to happen upon a crashed Cylon Raider containing a damaged Cylon Centurion who, upon "waking," saw Lacerta as its Imperious Leader. The Cylon, who would come to be known as Red-Eye, uttered the words "By your command," and followed Lacerta's orders from then on. Backed by the "muscle" of Red-Eye, Lacerta became a bullying strong arm man, collecting "tribute" from the local oviners, with the threat of death by Red-Eye hanging over their heads. Lacerta liked to spend his time in the town saloon, drinking and playing cards; the townspeople obeyed his every beck and call.

When Red-Eye confronts Apollo, who crash lands on the planet, Lacerta tells Red-Eye to back down, and suggests that Apollo could work for him. Soon thereafter, Lacerta is confronted by an angry, inebriated Bootes, a local oviner fed up with paying "tribute"; Lacerta has him killed by Red-Eye. After Red-Eye's destruction at the hands of Apollo, Lacerta is seen humbly beating a hasty retreat, presumably to escape the wrath of the newly-freed townspeople (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").