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Introduced The Long Patrol
Children Tanya
Marital Status Married to Slayer
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Role Smuggler
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Portrayed by James Whitmore, Jr.
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Robber is an ambrosa smuggler.

He hijacks Starbuck's Recon Viper for the purposes of traveling to the merchant colony Aeries, after fleeing the clutches of Croad, an Enforcer from the Proteus prison colony.

Unknown to Robber, the planet he is contacting is in Cylon hands, and Lieutenant Boomer and Captain Apollo are subsequently dispatched to deal with it before the Cylons can track the signal. Their mission is aborted after Cassiopeia deciphers it as an Aeries merchant code.

After a brief firefight staged on a planetoid in a vacant settlement, Robber gives himself up after Boomer comes across his wife, Slayer, and daughter Tanya. Upon obtaining similar knowledge of Proteus that Starbuck already possesses, Apollo, Boomer, and Robber are forced into going back to that very same planetoid. (While the reconnaissance fighter is subsequently recovered along with its hijacker, the stop to Proteus is the only choice since the Fleet changes course.)

After the defeat of the trio of Cylon fighters, and the freeing of the Proteus descendants of the Original Sinners and Enforcers, Robber and his family join up with the Fleet with a warm welcome from Commander Adama (TOS: "The Long Patrol").


  • Robbery is the crime of seizing property through violence or intimidation. A perpetrator of a robbery is a robber.
  • In the novelization of "The Long Patrol," the character of Robber is female—and is hence named Roberta by Starbuck.
  • Robber, unlike other Proteus prisoners, lacks any sort of number. As does his wife, Slayer.
  • James Whitmore, Jr. is the son of veteran actor James Whitmore.