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A bottle of Hawryliw before its use in the assault of Lee Adama (TRS: "Colonial Day").

Hawryliw is the brand name for a beer of the Twelve Colonies, existing as early as 42YR and into the Fall of the Twelve Colonies. Its production and distribution originate from Vislovka, Leonis.

Francis and various Ha'la'tha enforcers partake in this refreshment during a gambling session in the restaurant that Sam Adama works from. After discovering that Willie Adama was hiding out at the restaurant, Sam admonishes Willie for the improper manner in which he exercised truancy from school, then gave him a Hawyrliw (CAP: "Reins of a Waterfall").

In 1 ACH, Leon Grimes uses a Hawyrliw bottle to attack Lee Adama aboard Cloud 9, after Adama asks for Tom Zarek's speech to be turned off from the bar's wireless. To end the fight, Kara Thrace kicks this bottle over to Adama while pursing Valance, and Adama uses this bottle to great effect in a similar manner to a flashlight, but without the deadly result (TRS: "Colonial Day").


Lethe and Hawryliw props auctioned off in the studio-sanctioned auctions circa 2011.