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Introduced The Lost Warrior
Death Killed by Red-Eye
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Siblings Vella
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Portrayed by Lance LeGault
Bootes is a Cylon
Bootes is a Final Five Cylon
Bootes is a Human/Cylon Hybrid
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Bootes is a human resident of the planet Equellus, later killed by Red-Eye.

Bootes is a oviner who, like most other people on Equellus, is bullied and terrorized by Red-Eye. Red-Eye, a damaged Cylon Centurion, regularly confiscates livestock as "tribute" to Lacerta, his boss. Bootes lives in the ranch next to his sister Vella and her son Puppis. His sister's late husband, Martin, had been a Colonial Warrior who crashed on their planet and fallen in love with his sister years earlier. Bootes learns about Colonial Warriors from Martin on the eve of his wedding day, though Martin apparently neglects to tell Bootes about the Cylons. When Martin is killed by Red-Eye, Bootes becomes a father figure to young nephew Puppis.

When Bootes meets the marooned Apollo, he immediately recognizes his uniform, rank, and laser; he earnestly encourages Apollo to eliminate Red-Eye, and is angered when Apollo refuses. Later, when Red-Eye appropriates half of Bootes' herd, Bootes drives himself into a drunken stupor and rides into town in a rage. He confronts Lacerta, which leads him to call upon Red-Eye, resulting in Bootes death. Bootes is the last person killed by Red-Eye, before Red-Eye himself is eliminated by Apollo (TOS: "The Lost Warrior").