Parrin's Harvester

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Cylon Raiders escort Parrin's Harvester through the Empyrean Expanse (Battlestar Galactica Classic #0).

Parrin's Harvester[1] is a Harvester within the Okaati fleet circa 7358. It is commanded by the Okaati's leader, Parrin, and piloted by Grust.

Meeting the Colonials

As the ship returns from a meeting with Baltar aboard his basestar, it is escorted by a Cylon Raider phalanx following the Fleet's entrance into the Empyrean Expanse and brief trespass through Kiernu-controlled space. Upon Blue Squadron's return from running defense against Kiernu forces, they happen upon the ship as it is returning to its fleet. Captain Apollo erroneously believes that the ship is being attacked by the Cylons and they quickly dispatch the escort, until they themselves come under attack by the Comitat (whom the Cylons are defending Parrin against), and the ship escorts the misdirected Colonial force to their own fugitive fleet (Battlestar Galactica Classic #0, #3).

After escorting the Okaati fleet to rendezvous with the Colonial's Fleet, Parrin convinces the Council of Twelve to conjoin each Harvester to a civilian ship within the Fleet, purportedly to allow the ships to match Galactica's speed and escape the Expanse. Parrin's Harvester is conjoined with Rising Star and, upon enacting their plan to hijack the entirety of the Fleet's civilian ships, absconds and deposits Rising Star upon the surface of Gehenna Prime.

Before this deposit, the ship is boarded by Lieutenant Starbuck and Grust (who has a change of heart about the whole affair) and they wrest control of the ship from Parrin and her subordinates. This act allows the Colonial pilots Starbuck and Flight Sergeant Jolly, who had already been imprisoned aboard, to take control and evade the Cylons after Baltar's reneging on their deal with Parrin (Battlestar Galactica Classic #3#5).


  1. This is a Battlestar Wiki descriptive term.