Comitat frigate

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A Comitat frigate flanked by its bladeships during Blue Squadron's first encounter with them (Battlestar Galactica Classic #0).

Comitat frigates are a class of spacecraft built by The Comitat for defensive and offensive purposes. Offensively, frigates deploy bladeship fighters and various energy weapons that overwhelm their targets, with the intent of disabling them.

Numerous frigates patrol the Expanse and are commanded by Thanes from a central operations post (Battlestar Galactica Classic #1). These frigates then dock with a central mothership called the Node (Battlestar Galactica Classic #3).

Additionally, frigates are deployed during reconnaissance operations in the Empyrean Expanse in their quest to search for their mortal enemy, the Okaati, as well as any that assist them (Battlestar Galactica Classic #0#5).

Thane Korbok at his frigate's command post (Battlestar Galactica Classic #1).


  • During Captain Apollo's incarceration aboard the Node, at least 23 frigates were either docked or on patrol near the aforesaid mothership (Battlestar Galactica Classic #3).
  • The Comitat races involved with the creation and manufacture of these frigates are never specified.