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Thane Korbok is a member of the Comitat during the Fleet's travels through the Empyrean Expanse circa 7348. He is tasked as the first enforcer of the Comitat in their quest to bring the Okaati to justice.

First Enforcer[edit]

Following the Fleet's entrance into the Expanse through their trespass of Kiernu space, Korbok first encounters the humans when Captain Apollo and Blue Squadron engage the Cylons, as the Colonials falsely believe that the Cylons harass the Okaati's leader, Parrin (Battlestar Galactica Classic #0, #3). Blue Squadron successfully thwarts Korbok's apprehension, and they vow to return before retreating (Battlestar Galactica Classic #0).

Korbok tracks the Okaati fleet with the Colonial fleet, and engages in the operation to bring the Okaati to justice. They are thwarted after Lieutenant Sheba's Silver Spar Squadron, having returned from their recon of the Kiernu homeworld with knowledge of their fate, are able to clear the flight pathways allowing Galactica's full force of Vipers to deploy (Battlestar Galactica Classic #1).

In wake of the first engagement with the Fleet's defenses, Korbok receives word of an encounter with another human: Baltar. Korbok embarks aboard Baltar's baseship and presented to Baltar and Lucifer, where Baltar proposes an alliance between the Cylon Empire and the Comitat. The condition is that the Comitat desist their operations, a condition that Korbok cannot abide for it runs contrary to the Comitat's oath. Korbok warns Baltar that any interference from the Cylons will result in drastic action, much to Baltar's chagrin (Battlestar Galactica Classic #1#2).

First Instructor[edit]

Korbok escorts Captain Apollo through the Node (Battlestar Galactica Classic #3)

Following the presentation of Parrin's plan to conjoin Harvesters with each civilian ship of the Fleet, Captain Apollo begins to suspect that all is not what it appears. Understanding that the Comitat's methods are non-lethal, Apollo makes the sacrificial step of outreaching to the Comitat by taking a lone Viper to Korbok's last known direction, seeking understanding of their motivations. Korbok captures Apollo and incarcerates him aboard the Node, where Apollo is told the other side of the story (Battlestar Galactica Classic #2#3).

After the Okaati abscond with the Fleet's pantheon of civilian ships, Korbok's fleet of Comitat frigates surround Galactica and Korbok gives Commander Adama no choice but to surrenders to the Comitat for judgment. During Adama's sentencing, Korbok reunites Apollo with his father and is told of the origin of the Comitat. Adama, seizing upon the Comitat's custom of leadership acquisition, takes the mantle of Comitat's primary leader for the humans are the latest species to be victimized by the Okaati (Battlestar Galactica Classic #4).

Under Adama's command, Korbok leads the Comitat frigates into decimating Baltar's force, enacting retribution of the Cylons' extermination of the Kiernu, reuniting the rag-tag Fleet, and bringing the Okaati to justice after a millennia. Korbok shares their praise of the humans' handling of the situation, and of their ability to bring balance back to the Expanse by offering the Okaati a new homeworld of their own, pledging that the Comitat will watch over their development (Battlestar Galactica Classic #5).