Gehenna Prime

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Okaati Harvesters bring the Fleet's ships to Gehenna Prime's surface (Battlestar Galactica Classic #5).

Gehenna Prime is located in the Empyrean Expanse, capable of supporting human life despite its seemingly rocky and crater-pitted surface. The Okaati bring their stolen goods, the civilian ships of the Fleet formerly shepherded by the battlestar Galactica, to Gehenna Prime circa 7348 (Battlestar Galactica Classic #4#5).

The Cylons lay in wait on the planet surface, landing numerous Centurions on the planet ready to exterminate the mostly defenseless human refugees. After Baltar assures Parrin that their reward of tylium is awaiting their redemption, the Okaati Harvesters bring their abducted and disabled Colonial crafts to a large crater. Upon exiting their crafts, the Colonials along with Colonel Tigh, Cassiopeia and members of the Quorum of Twelve find themselves surrounded by hordes of Centurions. In the face of seemingly overwhelming odds, the Cylons are dispatched by Comitat soldiers led by Captain Apollo as Comitat armor is more than sufficient to handle the Cylon menace.

Near Gehenna Prime, Galactica joins with Comitat frigates to destroy Baltar's basestars, forcing Baltar's escape along with the Okaati's subjugation and subsequent penance for their crimes (Battlestar Galactica Classic #5).