Thane (title)

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For the Colonial prisoner of the same name, see: Thane.
An assortment of Comitat Thanes (Battlestar Galactica Classic #4).

Thane is a title used by command-level officers within The Comitat.

Thanes typically command frigates, and wear similar full-body armors like other members of the Comitat in order to show unity among the divergent races of the Empyrean Expanse (Battlestar Galactica Classic #1#4). In the rare instance where a leader is unavailable, each Thane shares a voice in the Comitat leadership in lieu of having a singular figurehead, which results in decisions that eschew alacrity (Battlestar Galactica Classic #3#4).

Known Thanes


  • Following his introduction to Korbok, Captain Apollo notes that he knew of a man named Thane, describing him as a cold-blooded murder willing to do anything. Korbok then corrects Apollo regarding its status as a title, and not an individual's name (Battlestar Galactica Classic #3).